(in the powerpoint scroll down to the bottom to view the questions(q1 – q4, q5).

Lab 11 – Files will be provided through a wetransfer link that will include a Powerpoint with directions for the assignment and a python file that also provides you with directions and the files in which you will be writing the code. 4 total questions will be answered in code, all of which are located in the src folder which will be provided in the link.
Please send me a message directly and as soon as possible if there is any questions or concerns.

You can read more about this in the javascript lab extra credit write-up below.

Wedding Planner Clarification:
Currently, we’re asking that you evenly distribute the guests at each table, however as long as most of the tables are fairly even then you’ll get full credit. For example, 19 guests and 7 tables has a few ways to distribute the guests evenly. Some examples of acceptable answers for the full credit are
6 tables of 3 guests and 1 table of 1 guests
6 tables of 2 guests and 1 table of 7 guests
Notice how most of the tables are evenly distributed, but it looks like one table either has too little or too many people. Although this isn’t as even as it possibly could be, we’ll consider this to be full credit. If you are able to distribute the guests as evenly as possible, then you can earn extra credit. You can read more about this in the JavaScript Lab Extra Credit write-up below.

Delete “todo” after you are done.

You will implement a Hash table to store and search customer orders. Each order has a unique ID, customer name, and amount. An example list of orders are in the “orders.txt” file, inside Starter_Code.zip.
Complete the TODO parts and then complete HashTable.cpp. Delete “TODO” after you are done. Only edit methods with TODO in them, other methods should be left alone.
If applicable, use excerpts from textbook for code.

I have uploaded the criteria for this code and it has in-depth instructions for everything that needs to be done.

I have uploaded the criteria for this code and it has in-depth instructions for everything that needs to be done. Please take a look and let me know as soon as possible if you have any questions. I am also requesting a specific writer with writer number 430448. I have messaged them from one of my previous orders and they said they would be willing to help.


Oracle documentation:
Java API: https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/11/docs/api/index.html
Tutorials: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/
For this assignment, you will be designing and writing a full program from scratch, rather than filling in methods from provided starter code. It will probably take you significantly more time, so be sure to plan accordingly.
Input handling
We do not recommend using a Scanner to read files in the solo or group projects. BufferedReader is preferred.
Adding an external library (such as JSON.simple) to your IDE
Eclipse: http://mathcenter.oxford.emory.edu/site/cs170/externalLib/. Make sure you add it to the Classpath, not the Modulepath.
IntelliJ: Click File -> Project Structure -> Libraries. Click the plus sign and select Java then browse for where you stored the .jar file on your computer. Click OK when done.
Regular expressions
An excellent resource for checking your patterns is https://regex101.com/. Make sure to select Java under the Flavor menu on the left. Put your regular expression (without quotes) in the first text box and then the string you want to check in the larger text box below it. The Match Information section on the right will tell you if you have a match. Also, you will need to use single backslashes on this site, but remember to use double backslashes in your Java files. For example, you would use “s” for a whitespace on this site but “\s” in Java since we need to escape the escape character. Your IDE may do this automatically when pasting in from the site, so make sure to double check.
There are several regex operators that will make your job easier when checking for valid tweets. Here is a good resource on them: http://web.mit.edu/gnu/doc/html/regex_3.html
Error propagation
There are several strategies for handling errors than can occur during execution of this program. The “Error Propagation Techniques” reading in Week 11 covers a few of them and addresses frequently asked questions.
If the tweet file exists and can be read then you can assume all of the tweet data is properly formatted and is not missing information
The states file will not necessarily supply the states in alphabetical order. Thus, you will need to make sure that your program outputs the states in the required order
Each tweet should be logged on a new line