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In this assignment you’ll be creating a custom interactive interface using Scratch!
Students will demonstrate the following proficiencies with this assignment:
Text formatting
Raster/Vector image editing
Audio editing
C.R.A.P. design principles
Interactive user interface design principles
Please follow ALL of the instructions before submitting the assignment!
Choose a topic
Try for easy to download sounds for your soundboard
You can record your own sounds for your soundboard as well!
Design an interface
Storyboard your project on a piece of paper
Draw the basic interface and label your buttons
Make notes for each button’s sound and animation
Take a picture of your storyboard to turn-in with the assignment
Create a background image for your interface
Create at least 5 images to use as ‘buttons’ in your interface
Build your soundboard
Use Scratch to create your soundboard
Import all the images into Scratch to use in your project
Import all the sounds into Scratch to use in your project
Layout your interface
Add code blocks to your ‘buttons’
Use the mouse click event
Play a sound
Play an animation.