Give yourself time to plan, write, revise, and edit your writing.

To help you develop a deeper appreciation of theatre, you will write an informative paper. This research paper will give you an opportunity to study the history of theatre outside of the textbook and explore a topic that is interesting to you.
Please review the instructions below carefully to learn what is required for a successful assignment.
Begin by choosing one of the theatre history topics listed below.
Next, delve into the time and place in which it was developed and research its origin, key features, facts, and characteristics (if applicable).
Organize your findings into a paper using MLA format.
Use reliable, academic sources from the MDC Links to an external site.Learning Resources databasesLinks to an external site..
At the end of your report, include visuals related to the topic (playwrights, theatres, costumes, geography, performances, etc…)
SAVE your document as a .PDF file (In Word, click the “File” tab and click “Save As”. Select “PDF” from the Save as drop-down list.)
UPLOAD and SUBMIT your .pdf file

Please choose one of the following topics as the focus of your paper:
Commedia dell’arte
Elizabethan Theatre
Greek Tragedy
Japanese Kabuki Theatre
Japanese Noh Theatre
Modern Theatre
Mystery, Miracle, or Morality Plays
Theatre of the Absurd
Theatre of the Oppressed
Rock Musicals and Rock Operas
Below are a few questions to help guide your research once you’ve chosen a topic:
What role did theatre play in society?
What political/historical events happened that affected the arts?
What were some famous playwrights and what makes them so well known?
What were known and still performed plays from the time? 
The length requirement of this paper is 700 words. Please be advised that writing tutors are available on Miami Dade College campuses and virtually.
GIVE yourself time to plan, write, revise, and edit your writing.
FORMULATE a thesis statement that communicates the main idea or purpose of your paper.
CREATE an outline to organize your ideas.
SUPPORT ideas using examples and details.
USE transitional devices and proofread for spelling and grammar errors.
CITE all sources using MLA style
Consult the Purdue OWL websiteLinks to an external site. for MLA format guidelines
12 point font
Double spaced
Times New Roman font
Works Cited page

What was going on in each country that may have influenced the development of each genre?

From Greece to Japan
In this assignment, you will take a stance for or against the following statement: Noh theater of Japan and its on-stage practices is heavily influenced by ancient Greek tragedy.
Begin by comparing and contrasting ancient Greek tragedy with Japanese Noh theater. In what ways are they similar? In what ways sare they different? If the two have similar practices (e.g., masks), do they serve the same purpose in each? Or something different? You are expected to research this topic beyond what’s offered in your textbook. Then…
Read Antigone by Sophocles and Atsumori by Zeami (both are attached here). You will need to reference these plays in your paper and give specific examples from each play illustrating how the two are similar and different in content (what actually happens in the play) and in style (how it is written).
Defend your assertion that Noh is or is not heavily influenced by Greek tragedy. Use specific examples from the plays and dedicate time to researching the contexts in which each form of theater was traditionally performed. What was going on in each country that may have influenced the development of each genre? Is there anything to suggest that Japanese theater-makers ever witnessed Greek tragedy, or read it, or studied it? If there are links, are they substantial or could they possibly be merely coincidental? Why or why not?
How you format your paper is up to you–when in doubt, the 5-paragraph model you learned in high school is A-OK! In any event, your paper should be 800-1200 words long. Regardless of how many words you write, it should be thorough. Before submitting it, please format it in Arial font, double-spaced.
You need to use and cite a minimum of 8 sources. Of those, at least one needs to be your textbook, two need to be the plays you’ve been assigned to read/reference, one needs to be a book that is not your textbook (can be an eBook), at least one needs to be a scholarly journal article (can be accessed online), and at least one needs to be a primary source. If you’re not sure what that is, please look it up. Please also utilize reputable sources. Good things to stay away from are websites with ‘wiki’ in the name or any that do not own their full domain (e.g.,
Whether paraphrasing or using direct quotes from your sources, you must use parenthetical citations within your paper. Please use a recognized style such as APA or MLA for these citations. The last page of your paper should be a bibliography/works cited page. You should use the same style for these referencbcies as you did for your parenthetical citations.

Do not ramble!

This is not a research paper nor an opinion paper.
Use what you already know about the sport.
Use what you learn in this class – I will give you lots of potential things to discuss.
Papers should be double spaced, with 1” margins and use Times New Roman 12-point font.
Be sure to check your spelling and grammar.
Remember to include specific examples. Be detailed, but concise. Do not ramble!
Organizing your paper can become challenginbcig. Here are some tips for organizing your paper.

What does it claim are its core aims,

SSAY LENGTH: 6-7 pages (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, reasonable margins)
What is the company mandate and how is this evident (or not) by their practices?
Research and analyse the history and inclusion practices of a particular disability theatre
company(Graeae Theatre in UK). How and
when did the company form? What is its mission? What does it claim are its core aims,
practices, aesthetics and performance strategies? Is there a particular production (or,
are there a few productions) you can reference and analyse to demonstrabcite the
company’s goals and methods?