Did not play in college.

Life in Sport Reflective Essay
Formulate and write your life in sport essay.
Situations and attributes that shape your life in sport experiences. Highlight some influences that affected you throughout the course of your life. Look at the deeper causes and influences.
Sport: Basketball
Played from Kindergarten to Senior year of High School. Did not play in college.
Influences: Coach from high school and older brother.
Well written: Student used college level writing in regards to grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation.
Insightful: The student examined what factors and influences affected their life in sport.
Complete: Student reflected and shared the many time periods of their life including childhood, elementary, junior high and high school.

Consider sharing your signature assignment as soon as you submit your assignment to the dropbox so that your peer reviewer has plenty of time to review your assignment and offer feedback, and that you will have time to receive that feedback, reflect on it, and prepare your week 8 assignment.

Week 7 – Signature Assignment: Create a Professional TutorialFor this assignment, you will bring together everything you have learned so far in this course about scholarly writing, professional writing, public speaking, multimedia presentations, and best practice communication strategies. You will be creating a 10-minute professional tutorial in the form of a recorded and narrated presentation. In Week 8 of the course, you will also have the opportunity to give and receive peer feedback on this Signature Assignment.
You may select any topic that advances your own professional career or personal pursuits for your tutorial. You are encouraged to create a presentation that you can share with others outside of the course after it has ended. As a few examples to get you started, this tutorial could cover a challenging task you and your coworkers are asked to perform at work that could use more clarification, a process that you wish to have your direct reports at work follow to complete a task, or you can create a tutorial for people in your personal life about a responsibility or task they need additional direction to complete. Creativity is encouraged with this tutorial, so feel free to pick a topic relevant to you, and please select tools to create it that best fit your intended outcome.
Your tutorial will be measured on your ability to incorporate best practices covered in the course. Specifically, your focus should be on:
Incorporating best practices in public speaking for professionals.
Using effective communication strategies outlined in this course.
Using effective multimedia strategies outlined in this course by including at minimum an audio component to accompany your presentation.
Using communication strategies appropriate to the medium and audience.
The first step is to create the slide show that you will use during the narrated presentation of your tutorial. You may create the slides for your tutorial using PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or another tool of your choice that will allow your audience to read, view, and hear your tutorial as you present it.
The second step is to record yourself narrating your presentation using the Kaltura tool in NCUOne. Information can be found in the resources for this week. If you wish to use an alternative software, such as Prezi, be sure to communicate with your professor well before this week to discuss the best approach. to create and record your tutorial. Please remember that an effective presentation should have slides that highlight only the most important points that are being presented and that are visually appealing and engaging for the audience.
Remember that will need a peer reviewer for your Signature Assignment in order to complete next week’s assignment. You may choose a colleague, friend, or family member. If you want to ask another NCU student to serve as a peer reviewer, check out the dedicated thread within the SOE Community Forum in the NCU Commons; you can find the link in the Course Resources tab. Consider sharing your Signature Assignment as soon as you submit your assignment to the Dropbox so that your peer reviewer has plenty of time to review your assignment and offer feedback, and that you will have time to receive that feedback, reflect on it, and prepare your Week 8 assignment. If an NCU student does serve as your peer reviewer, remember to return the favor for that student or another student in the future.
Length: 10-minute recorded and narrated presentation with at least 10 slides
References: Include at least three appropriate references that support the information shared in your tutorial in a final slide or visual, displaying your references in APA format. If you have consulted an expert to create your tutorial, personal communication citations are appropriate for this assignment.

Discussion/analyzing culture: this section works in tandem with the above.

Below are the detailed inscructions for this research paper. Read these carefully because it will give the most clear direction and will create the easiest path for you to complete this essay. I want there to be the least amount of friction for you as possible.
Required sources:
1. “eight words for the study of expressive culture” by Dorothy Noyes (document is attached)
2. Book “Breathe: A Life in Flow” by Rickson Gracie
3. Journal of Education and Sport Article (pdf attached)
4. Rickson Gracie News Article (link attached) https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/oct/06/rickson-gracie-memoir-breathe
-Draw definitions of “group” and “community” and explain how your folk group (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) establishes membership.
-Examine and explain the event/genre phenomenon and how performance reveals cultural values, tastes, and aesthetics; supports group solidarity; and/or the metaphor it teaches community members.
Introduction: Entice your reader to want to read your essay. Brief description of what you are going to discuss
Purpose: Write a solid thesis statement. More than “exploring” tell us what it “does.”
Context and research: Define gaming/sporting subculture or folk group and the cultural play that belongs to them… this is important. You have the tools and the literature to define the gaming/sporting/play community you wish to investigate. .
Describe the activity and its meaningfulness to its community.
Examine and explain the event/genre phenomenon and how performance reveals cultural values, tastes, and aesthetics; supports group solidarity; and/or the metaphor it teachers community members.
Discussion/Analyzing Culture: This section works in tandem with the above. Take into consideration opposing views and convince your reader that your interpretation of the cultural activity/event is supported by the data you found. This is the hard part. Acknowledge your position. Does your analysis reveal more about you or about the community members who practices the game/sport.
Conclusion: Sum up your essay and provide a sense of closure. In this last paragraph you can express what methods your SHOULD employ to make your analysis stronger; i.e., how this essay will improve with a different approach (e.g. interviewing participants, observing in real time, living with the community for a period of time, learning the language, etc.).
References: Include all research materials¨ including links to websites Make sure to use standard citation format consistently and accurately (e.g.¨ MLA citations).
The Library Research: In this section¨ integrate the literature you have read about subcultures and social movement from this class that match your research perspective and literature that you researched independently in the library (at least 3 articles or relevant chapters from a peer-reviewed, edited volume).

Length will vary based on how you do the guide.

For this assignment, you will create a guide you can share with your peers in this class. Your guide will be called “Five Ways to Create a Presentation to Remember.” Feel free to be creative as you build your guide. There are no right or wrong ideas to include in your guide, and this should be a reflection of what you have learned so far in Section 2 of the course.
Your guide should list five best practices with approximately a half-page description of each one. Be sure to justify each best practice, describing it using scholarly writing by including data, evidence, and supporting sources. In addition, be sure to display your professional writing skills by formatting your guide in a visually appealing way that your audience will enjoy and find easy to follow (APA format is not required for your guide, other than for the format of your sources). Please be sure to cite your sources within the guide that you create. Citations can be done unobtrusively (such as in a smaller font) with the design of your guide in mind.
Length will vary based on how you do the guide. Please choose one (1) option from the three (3) options listed:
1) Trifold brochure (1 brochure, visually appealing)
2) Flyer/handout (1 page, visually appealing)
3) Traditional paper (2-3 pages)
References: At least 5 scholarly sources are required, with a minimum of 1 source supporting each best practice. Be sure to cite your sources within the guide itself in addition to a reference list.

Define the phrase goal setting.

Part 1: Please read one article related to the topic of this week,
“Nutritional Ergogenic Substance Used in Sports”, and share with us what you
have learned in the article. Your reading should be from reliable sources
such as PubMed, Good Scholar or Galileo Scholar etc. And your response
should be at least 200 world in length, and add the sources of the article
you chose (i.e., the title or the link) for the full credit.
Part 2:
Review the material on setting and developing goals in chapter 10.
Answer the following questions related to Goal Setting.
Skip a line between the question and your answer. Highlight your answer.
Assignment Requirements
Word Document
1.5 Spacing
12- size font
Times New Roman Font
Questions [ Book Link: https://cdn1.booksdl.org/get.php?md5=6859d9cf36735f7abbe1a92f05d86097&key=HR28HY2J6CEVE3WF&mirr=1]
1. Define the phrase Goal Setting.
2. Define & differentiate between Performance Goals, Process Goals, and Outcome Goals. Provide an example of each. Which of these basic types of goals is considered the best goals in your opinion and make an argument as to why you feel it is the best way to set goals.
3. Outline and describe each of the 10 Principles of Effective Goal Setting. How does this process make for setting appropriate and relevant goals. Provide an example for each of these principles.
4. Characterize the acronym SMART as it relates to goal setting.
5. Discres common pitfalls people face as it relates to setting goals.
6. Dissect the Self-concordance model, particularly at it relates to the Smith, Ntoumanis, and Duda (2007) investigation on the concept of striving for goals.
What did this investigation/research focus on and what did the results reveal.
7. Discuss the concept of the goal-setting paradox. What insight did the investigation from Burton, Weinberg, Yukelson, & Weigand provide for goal setting practices
8. Should athletes set their own goals, or should the coach be involved in this process? What does the research state about this process? What are goal attributes? What do you think is the best approach in light of the Fairall and Rodgers (1997) research result?

As you did for each good feature, for each poor feature

During the course of the semester, we will visit several recreation/sport sites as part of our study of these facilities. Each student will be required to submit a site evaluation report for one of these visits and may cover any of the facilities we have visited up to the due date.
At the top of the first page have a header with the name and address of the facility, the date of the class visit, and the name of the reporter (you).
Facility Introduction
Following the header, begin the report with a paragraph that identifies the facility and your initial impression of it. Also, give a brief biography of our guide including their name, title, what they do for the organization and what makes them knowledgeable about the facility. This introduction should be no more than one page.
• Good Features
Following the facility description, identify and carefully describe the three best features (each titled and underlined) of the facility that you noted had been done well. Be specific regarding why these qualities are outstanding utilizing class concepts.
For each good feature
• describe the element
• offer a favorable critique about it
• close by providing a supporting reason based on class concepts for your opinion
o This reason should be the result of information you have read, heard, researched or discussed as part of this class. Tell me where you found the supporting information. This should be done in one or two paragraphs for each feature.
• Bad Features
Following the description and criteria of the good features, identify and carefully describe the three worst features of the facility (again, each should also be titled and underlined), which you noted had not been well done. Be specific regarding why these qualities are ill conceived or designed, poorly maintained, or otherwise detrimental to the quality of the recreational experience obtained at the facility, again based on class concepts. In addition, give why you think such a mistake was allowed to be made or continued.
As you did for each good feature, for each poor feature
• describe the element
• offer a negative critique about it
• provide a supporting reason based on class concepts why you found the item unsatisfactory
o The rationale should be the result of information gained from readings, research, class lectures, discussions or field trip presentations. Use the same report format requirements as for the good features, e.g., use an item subheading and one or two paragraphs for each item and include where you found or heard the supporting information.
• Graphics
You should include some type of simple thumbnail sketches, digital photos, pictures from a website or plans (hand drawn is fine) depicting each of your three good and three bad features. These do not need to be included in the paper you submit via Turnitin. Just include your pictures with the hard copy you turn into class. If you do not have pictures from the site itself, you may use comparable ones from google, the site’s website or hand draw them.

Remember to repeat this sequence for each theory; your completed assignment will have 16 content slides, excluding the presentation’s title and reference slides.

As a current or future leader, it is important for you to understand how various leadership styles impact organizational culture, employees, and stakeholders. For your Week 1 assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation critiquing four leadership styles. Begin by familiarizing yourself with each of the eight theories listed below. Next, choose four theories from the following list to complete this week’s assignment.
Eight Current Leadership Theories
You will compose four slides for each of the four theories. Organize your discussion of each theory using the sequence below. Remember to repeat this sequence for each theory; your completed assignment will have 16 content slides, excluding the presentation’s title and reference slides.
Slide A:
Name of Theory
Name of Associated Theorist(s)
Slide B: Theory Description: 4-6 bullet points
Slide C:
Potential Benefits to Organizational Culture and Improvement: 2-3 bullet points
Potential Drawbacks to Organizational Culture and Improvement: 2-3 bullet points
Slide D: One famous leader (and their organization’s name) who exemplifies this type of leadership: 1 Slide (hint: do an Internet search for famous transformational leaders; famous servant leaders, etc.)
Length: 16 slides, not including cover slide or reference slide
References: Include a minimum of 4 scholarly resources (at least one for each theory), properly cited within the body of your presentation.
As you format your presentation, be sure to include effective slide design that incorporates the best practices in NCU’s PowerPoint Tutorial (to view the tutorial, go to the Course Resources module in the table of contents and click on Spotlight on Skills), such as using graphics and short phrases in bulleted lists while saving the full details for the speaker notes. Balance the text with relevant images and graphics that you create or that are copyright free, such as a Creative Commons license (you must still offer attribution even if the image is copyright free).
Your PowerPoint should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards.

Research a corruption scandal in soccer.

1. What do you think is the future of soccer around the globe and in the United States? Try to defend
your position with hard numbers rather than an emotional argument.
2. Research a corruption scandal in soccer. How do you think the corruption scandals affecting
soccer will change the landscape of global soccer and what ethical lessons can you learn from those
3. Do you think U.S. women’s soccer players should be paid the same as male players? What information
will you need to help defend your argument from a financial perspective?
4. If you were tasked with increasing revenue for the United States Soccer Federation, where do you
think you could find money, and how would you attempt to generate that revenue?
Please report your answers in paragraph form, and include a cover page. APA format and references are required.

Do not cite wikipedia!

The written report should cover sections A-G listed below. At least three sources should be included (MLA format). Minimum page length is 5 pages. *You will need to gather information from several sources, including internet news reports, official team web pages, printed newspaper and magazine articles, and books. Do not cite Wikipedia! Make sure you have legitimate sources from several formats (not just team blogs and web pages).
International team/sport report sections:
A- Team/sport overview and history
B- Fan report (take me inside the fan base, unique fan cultures or behaviors, rivalries, and importance in the community.)
C- Economic Impact: Local communities, stadium situation, financial reports
D- Marketing: Recent team marketing initiatives, promotions (tickets), public relations events
E- Sponsorships: Who are the team sponsors? How are they activating the sponsorships?
F- Web page/media: Analyze the team web page and social media. Any ideas for improvement?
G- Other/Summary: Review key points. Discuss cultural issues as well as future challenges and opportunities on the field and off the field.