Did your results surprise you?

Complete the Leadership Assessment. Upon completion, reflect upon the following in your journal assignment:
How do you feel you rate as a leader in the sports industry today?
In terms of your score interpretation, what are your strengths and weaknesses?
Did your results surprise you?
According to your results, how will your current skills apply to jobs related to the sports industry?
Based on this analysis and survey, what is your overall self-confidence and outlook as it relates to your leadership skills/attributes?
In terms of motivation, how do you plan on using the information that you learned from this assessment in a specific job profession you would like to enter?

I have also shared the assignment and the class slide to help with links.

I have also shared the assignment and the class slide to help with links.
h ttps://www.cipd.co.uk/knowledge/strategy/organisa…

How are you a leader?

How are you a leader? Describe your leadership style.
This is a common interview question. Understanding leadership styles and how you approach leadership is important in preparation for an interview since this is a common interview question. For this reflection: identify your leadership style, define/describe the style, provide an example of how you have demonstrated this style. Prepare a 1-2 page reflection.
Your paper should be double spaced with 11-12 pt. font and 1 inch margins. This reflection should focus on leadership styles presented through class readings, class lectures and class discussions this semester.
Here are the Leadership Styles that we have discussed this semester:
Situational Leadership
Adaptive leadership
Transactional Leadership
Transformational Leadership
Charismatic Leadership
Authoritarian Leadership
Democratic Leadership
Laissez-faire Leadership

Addition to three pages of content, title page, and references for this chapter only must be included.

Chapter III: Methodology. The methodology is the rationale
for the research approach. For this section, students are required to complete three pages. In
addition to three pages of content, title page, and references for this chapter ONLY must be
included. APA 7th Edition format is required. The full reference for each source must be
included in the reference list. Absence or improper use of in-text citations is plagiarism. Use
recent academic books or scholarly sources from 2017-2022.

Do some research – get excited about something in the module that you find interesting.

This is the place where you access YOUR self-reflection journal. Here you are required to enter a self-reflection for each Module that we cover. There will be six modules in total I recommend that you complete your self-reflection in the week right after we finish each module. I will then provide you marks for each module as completed and that way you can make adjustments, if needed, as you progress. .
What is a self-reflection?
It is in essence where you talk to yourself, in written format and think about what you have learned. Your self-reflection could be where you recognize learning new information and acknowledge how it connects with information that you already had. For instance, if you learned about one of the challenges that can arise in Housekeeping (i.e. bedbugs – see Module One), that might make you reflect on your own experiences living in an apartment building with cockroaches OR working in a hotel where a guest complained about bedbugs OR do some research to find out what is the current way that companies are dealing with bedbugs OR your own experiences when having to address a difficult customer service problems (bedbugs really are a huge customer service AND potential public relations issue when the guest experiences them). Connecting what you’ve learned in this module to things you’ve learned in other courses could also be a way to go.
I am not looking for a huge report for each module.Here’s some ideas to guide you:
Don’t type more than one page double-spaced; if you do, you are taking too much time writing and not enough time thinking. Different people write differently – one person could say in one paragraph what another person needs a page to say.
Only you and I will read your journal, so make it personal, make it relevant to one or two points from the module.
Show me that you understood what is most important in the module with your chosen points – in Module One, the article about Downton Abbey might be fun and interesting but it’s not as important as Bed Bugs, for example, when you’re learning about Housekeeping and Facility management.
Writing style does matter – if I can’t understand the point you are trying to make, that’s a problem. Check your entry for spelling and grammar.
Do some research – get excited about something in the module that you find interesting. Maybe you’ll find some information for your reserch report. And don’t forget to cite any research using APA standards.
I won’t be giving you any samples of a self-reflection – I want you to find your own style, come up with your own ideas – but by submitting your first entry early, you then get feedback from me before you need to write your second entry.

Evaluate how the proposed change may affect various groups of employees.

Using the same organization that you selected in Week 1, propose a change that your organization could implement that would aid it strategically. The proposed change might relate to some area of need, performance deficiency, or other opportunity that you observe in the organization. Note: You will be proposing a change initiative related to motivation in next week’s assignment. Accordingly, focus your change project for this week’s paper in a direction other than motivation.
Write a paper addressing the following:
Describe the change that you propose and defend its benefits to the organization.
Evaluate how the proposed change may affect various groups of employees.
Assess the conflicts that might occur before, during, and after the change, including why you anticipate these conflicts.
Defend at least three best practices to prevent or resolve those conflicts.
Justify the channels of communication the organization should use in implementing this change.First part of the project is attached this is continued please let me know if you have any questions.

A 2500 words summary about the main points and arguments of the article on “international migration and international security” “why prejudice is a global security threat”.

A 2500 words summary about the main points and arguments of the article on “International migration and international security” “why prejudice is a global security threat”. The article is being attached for your use.

Have a clear thesis statement and a preview statement.

Movie (“Twelve Angry Men”) Analysis Paper
Total points:100 points
Due date: See the course calendar and dropbox.
Length of the paper: minimum 5 pages in full length (excluding cover page)
Format: Only word format is acceptable. Other format will NOT be accepted and will be returned to students
Headings/subheadings: The paper should have separate main/subsection headings (please refer to the paper format example in the below). The paper that did not meet this requirement will NOT be accepted and returned. If the deadline is over when students resubmit correct format of the paper, it will be counted as a late paper.
1. Overview
View the film “Twelve Angry Men” (1957 version) and write a paper analyzing the group discussion dramatized in the film.
While watching the film, take notes that include specific examples to illustrate concepts related to group communication.
You may want to rent the film from a local video store and view it again as you develop ideas for your paper.
2. The paper should contain the following:
1) Cover page (including title of the paper, course title & no., and your name).
Cover page information should NOT appear in the body of your paper. Or this
will result in serious penalty.
2) Introduction (1 page)
Briefly discuss the content of the movie
Have a clear thesis statement and a preview statement.
3) Issues for Analysis (at least 3 pages)
Your analysis of the jury should address following five issues. Provide specific
examples from the film to support your claim.
-Choose a theory or theories relevant to leadership. Define (or describe) your chosen theory (theories) with textbook citation.
-Describe how your chosen theory (theories) best explain (s) the different leadership behaviors played by several different jury members in the movie.
-Define the task, maintenance, and self-centered roles. Cite textbook
-Describe the task, maintenance, and self-centered roles represented in the
-What were some of the participation problems confronted by the group?
-How did the group deal with these problems?
Climate (Gibb’s supportive vs. defensive climate):
– Define supportive and defensive climate with textbook citations.
– Define specific behaviors (e.g., certainty, provisionalism, superiority,
indifference, etc.) that applied the most under these two climates
(supportive vs defensive) in the movie.
-Describe how these specific behaviors are displayed throughout most of
the jury’s deliberations.
-What specific verbal and nonverbal behaviors contributed to these
specific behaviors?
-Briefly define task, procedural, and personal conflict. Cite textbook.
-Provide examples of task, procedural, and personal conflict represented in the film.
-Define the conflict styles (e.g., avoiding, competing, compromising, etc.) that applied most in group members. Cite textbook.
-Provide examples of the conflict styles represented in the film.
-How successfully were conflicts resolved in the group?
-Evaluate the jury members’ arguments. How well did the characters evaluate information?
4) Conclusion (at least 1 page):
Briefly summarize what you have discussed (i.e., main points in your paper) in this paper.
Discuss what you have learned from this movie
Discuss how this analysis could be applicable in your current/future work.
5) References
Cite your textbook and any other sources you used.
All citations are in correct APA (6th edition) style.
The main section/subsection headings should be clearly titled (e.g., main sections-Introduction, Issues for Analysis, Conclusion; subsections- leadership, conflict, etc.)
The paper should always be double-spaced and in 12 size times new
roman numeral font.
There should be a 1” margin on all four sides of the paper.
You should finish uploading paper before 11:59PM. If you did not finish uploading your paper before 11:59PM, the system will purge your paper submission. This problem including all other technology problem will NOT be a valid excuse. If you have any technology problem, contact the Information Technology Help Desk (X5345).
7. Simply describing/explaining the plot of the movie is not the analysis
which results in serious point deduction.
8. The grade will be determined by the following criteria:
Responds thoroughly and responsibly to all five issues.
Demonstrates understanding of the basic components of effective
group communication.
Paper is clearly organized and well-written.
Paper is proofread and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
9. Make sure you have the following in your paper:
Use headings/subeadings to delineate different parts of the paper
Write your paper using paragraph form – no bullets or numbers
Write using correct grammar and structure. Sloppy writing indicates sloppy thinking. You should have your paper proofread.
For details, see the “Guidelines for Papers” that is available in the Course Documents section of the content area of D2L. This will give you examples of title pages, headings, and proper citation forms.
(Please refer to the paper format example as below)
(Paper format-Example)
Module 4 Movie Analysis Paper
(Student Name)
COMM 3220
(Submission Date)
Issues for Analysis
Climate (Gibb’s supportive vs. defensive climate):