When writing your essay about sidebar #3, please you should incorporate chapter 3 “the struggles and triumphs of asian americans in u.s.

There are 10 Sidebar Articles in the E-Textbook:
1) The Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Islands and Oceans (p. 27)
2) People v. Hall (p. 43)
3) The 1965 Immigration Act Then and Now (p. 52)
4) Roy Choi & Food Justice (p. 137)
5) DACA and Beyond (p. 195)
6) Model Minority Myth (p. 206)
7) The “Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) from South Korea with a Message of Self-Love and Acceptance Sweep the Globe!” (p. 124)
8) Anti-Miscegenation Laws, Love and Marriage across Race, Sexual Orientation (p. 369) 9) Asian Indian, Jamaican and Black: Biracial/International Vice President, Kamala Devi Harris? (p. 402)
10) #Asians4BlackLives (p. 492)
Sidebar #2 Essay Prompt:
For this essay, please write about Sidebar #3 (from the above list), “The 1965 Immigration Act Then and Now.” Discuss the critical role this immigration act played in significantly shifting and transforming the Asian American community. Compare the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act & the 1924 Immigration Act with the 1965 Immigration Act. How are they different?
When writing your essay about Sidebar #3, please you should incorporate Chapter 3 “The Struggles and Triumphs of Asian Americans in U.S. History” by Dr. Phil Hutchison, Chapter 4, “Reconfiguring Asian America: Asian Immigration to the United Sttes Since 1965,” by Dr. Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, Chapter 5, “South Asians on the Pacific West Coast (the early years): A Brief History of the Present,” by Dr. Simmy Makhijani from the e-textbook into your essay.
(Your essay must be at least 500-words or 1 to 2 pages, typed & double-spaced, 12-font Times). You will be graded on the Principle of the C’s. (The “works cited” page is not part of the word count).
The “works cited” page is not part of the word count. The paper should be in MLA format.
You can find the book here: https://online.vitalsource.com
We also use the attached book if additional resources are needed. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional resources that I may have forgotten.

Consider the following questions:

Play through (or watch) Animal Crossing: New Horizons so that you are able to build a house and make money. Consider the following questions:
1.How does your financial structure of ACNH work?
2.In what ways does the game have you participate in primitive accumulation?
3.How did you find yourself making money? Are you actually making money if you come in with substantial debt?
For the assignment, write a 300-500 word letter to Tom Nook as a resident of the Island. You can complain or write as passive-aggressively (or in admiration) as you wish, but be precise in how you identify the political economy of his island empire.


Literature Review
Data ( R studio, R data, YouGov)
Findings (What did we learn)
I chose Brexit to study if the people today in countries like Wales, Scotland, England, northeast ireland,etc changed their votes and why
due to population, city area( rural, urban), income made in household of said city, age range, education level, and other important factors
Bringing up old votes from Brexit where people chose to stay, leave, or didnt vote at all to current time of 2022 where their at now and why did they or didn’t change their vote.

What was the resulting impact of the ruling?

In Part I, choose a case from your state that involves civil rights or civil liberties that was decided by the United States Supreme Court. If your state does not have a case that was decided by the United States Supreme Court, choose a civil rights case from another state for which the United States Supreme Court issued a decision.
Here is a brief description of civil rights and civil liberties: Civil rights refers to equal social opportunities under the law. It gives you these freedoms such as the right to vote, the right to public education, or a fair trial, among other things, regardless of your wealth or race. Civil liberties mean freedom of religion, equal treatment and due process under the law, and the right to privacy.
You should be able to go online and look up your state and famous cases decided by the Supreme Court. For example, Brown v Board of Education (1951) started in Topeka, Kansas and ended up in the Supreme Court of the United States. Another example would be Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley v Steve Sisolak, Governor of Nevada (2020) that started in Nevada and ended up the United States Supreme Court. A good source of information about cases decided by the United States Supreme Court is www.scotusblog.com. Other sources can be researched online using search terms for “civil rights cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.” Be sure to use a case actually decided by the United States Supreme Court, and not a case decided by your state’s supreme court or a different court. A case that is still pending before the United States Supreme Court should not be used.
Research your court case and write an outline of the case that you will be using to prepare a presentation, which will either be a narrated PowerPoint, a Kaltura Video, or some other format as approved by your instructor.
A. Summary of the Case – In one or two paragraphs, provide a general overview of the case that serves as a snapshot of what the case is about and how it ended up in your state high court. A summary is using your words to write a brief history of the case. Do not give your opinion or your interpretation but stick to the facts only.
B: Case Outline
Your court case outline should include:
Title: Name of the case
Facts of the case: Provide key facts involving the case.
History of the case: What legal action was taken based on what your state laws say about this case?
Legal questions: What were the legal issues the court had to decide?
Decision or holdings: Did the court decide for the plaintiff or the defendant? Explain the reason behind the decision?
Verdict and opinion (judgement): What were the concurring and dissenting opinions? How many judges decided for the defendant and how many justices decided against the defendant? What was the final verdict from the judge or the jury, if it was a jury trial?
C. Conclusion
What was the resulting impact of the ruling? How did the citizens of your state benefit from it? Was this a good decision?
Part II –
Name the case
Discuss the facts of the case
Discuss the history of the case (what laws or legal action was taken)
Discuss the issues or the facts of the case and legal questions the court must decide
Discuss if the court’s decision or holdings was for the plaintiff or for the defendant and what were the reasons for the decision?
Discuss the concurring and dissenting opinions from the judge or if a jury trial, the jury.
In this assignment, you are expected to elaborate the points you made in the Part I . This assignment will be graded on your strength to elaborate and explain the facts of the case and proper use of visual aids, good narration, and presenting to the case and how well you stick to the case. For example, if you are using the PowerPoint, you are also expected to include proper visuals that are relevant to the case. Do not copy-paste the outline into this and call it complete.
Writing Requirements –
Make sure to write full sentences to explain your case. It is a concise list to be used as a reference for you during the presentation.
Using the outline, you will be describing the court case in your presentation and the scenario around the court case.
The use of Wikipedia as a primary source of information is to be avoided – it is not a reliable source of information.
Without going into much detail at this state, each of the items listed above has a subject sentence with 3-6 bullet points that can help you expand on the topic.
1 inch margins
Double spaced
12 point times new roman font
Title page
Reference page (minium of 2 scholarly sources)

What substantive conclusion can you draw from this answer?

Question 1:
Part A: The chart shows the rate of growth of U.S. ‘real’ GDP (i.e., GDP measured in constant prices). It uses quarterly data, with each observation showing the annual per cent change from the same quarter in the previous year (e.g. Q1 1998 relative to Q1 1997, Q2 1998 relative to Q2 1997, etc.).
a. Use Global Financial Data (GFD) to obtain quarterly data for the ‘real’ GDP of a country other than the United States. You must choose a country whose quarterly ‘real’ GDP data begin in 1960 or earlier (note that GFD’s quarterly data may go back only so far, and that for earlier years it reports only annual data; these annual data must be deleted from your dataset for the purpose of the presentation here). Using quarterly data, calculate the annual growth rate of the country’s ‘real’ GDP.
Part B: Based on the growth rates of the U.S. and the country you have chosen, assess the following statement: ‘Neoliberalism, which started in the early 1980s, has made the two countries more unstable’.
Question 2: Use Mergent to obtain the following time-series data for a corporation of your choice: (a) net income (profit after taxes), and (b) sales revenues. Both series have to go back at least 10 years. Using these data, compute the times series for the corporation’s markup (the ratio of net profit to sales revenues). Plot all three series on the same chart: net income and sales on the left axis and the markup on the right axis (use a log scale if needed). Document the exact sources of your data, including variable names when appropriate (try to quantify your answer by assessing the relative deviations of each variable).
What is the main cause of the variation of profit – is it changes in sales or changes in the markup?
What substantive conclusion can you draw from this answer? (Note that, since profit is the product of sales and the markup, it is co-determined by both measures, by definition. The question here concerns the relative importance of their respective variations.)
Important: Please use the additional PDF file to support all the evidence in the paper and please do not plagiarize from any source and use citations to support all the evidence laid out in the paper.

Is there any aspect of either author’s argument or the assumptions underpinning it with which you strongly disagree?

Dear freelancer, You are to write a three-page APA response to both articles based on the guideline and agree with Mueller’s point of view that things would have been the same even without a nuclear weapon. The articles are attached as well as the full instructions.
The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to read and think critically. In your essay, you should briefly summarize the arguments of the two authors (Mueller and Jervis). You should clearly identify each author’s thesis and outline the evidence/arguments he uses to support it. Remember that these two authors, while they are in agreement on some matters, fundamentally disagree on the primary issue addressed in both articles.
You must identify this fundamental point of disagreement in your essay. Be sure to identify as well any particular assumptions on which the author’s argument depends. (Note that two different theoretical perspectives are exemplified in these two articles. You should be able to identify which author is a realist and which is a liberal.)The remainder of the paper should comprise your personal response to the article. (No more than half the paper should be devoted to summarizing the authors’ arguments.)
In formulating your response, you will want to consider the following questions: Which author’s argument do you find more persuasive? (Keep in mind that they disagree on a fundamental point, so it is simply not possible to be in agreement with both.) Why? Does the evidence offered by each author credibly support the argument that he is making? Is there any aspect of either author’s argument or the assumptions underpinning it with which you strongly disagree? Do the conditions upon which each author’s argument rests still exist? If not, what has changed and why? Are the arguments relevant to thinking about the nuclear weapons problem today? (Please note that these articles were published prior to the end of the Cold War.)What are the implications for international politics of the argument you found most persuasive?

Compose your essay in response to the following prompt:

Your assignment is to compose a paper of around 2,000 words (excluding title page and bibliography) that responds to the prompt given below. You must submit your paper through Canvas, and it should correspond to the following format guidelines: double spaced, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins. Be sure to include citations to the relevant texts in support of your argument, and include a works cited page. Any recognized citation format is acceptable. Outside research is required for this assignment, but you should limit yourself to those sources that I provide with the prompt or to any source that those readings cite themselves. Citations to questionable sources will result in lost points.
Your paper will be graded according to three criteria:
How accurately you present the facts: the accuracy of the argument (40%)
The quality of the argument you offer in response to the prompt: the persuasiveness and originality of the argument (40%)
Note here that the argument you make based on the discussion of the issue is a major component of this paper assignment. You should devote at least 1/3rd of the paper to the third section wherein you develop your own argument in response to the question asked in the prompt.
The organization, style and grammar of the essay: the writing quality of the essay. (20%)
Compose your essay in response to the following prompt:
United Nations Security Council Reform
Since the early 1990s, there has been an extended debate within the United Nations and beyond about whether and how to reform the membership of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). While many observers agree that the Council is in need of reform in order to enhance its legitimacy and effectiveness in promoting international security, there is little agreement among UN member states about how the Council should be reformed. Various proposals have been advanced in the UN General Assembly, but they differ on questions such as whether and how many new permanent members should be added, whether those permanent members should enjoy a veto, and most contentiously who should be given these permanent seats. While this debate continues, developments such as the failure to prevent the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the controversial Council-backed intervention in Libya in 2011, and the failure to take action to address humanitarian emergencies in Syria, Myanmar and other areas, has called the legitimacy and effectiveness of the Council into question, raising the stakes for the continued failure to agree on a plan for Council reform. How should the UN Security Council be reformed? What proposal or model of reform do you think will best improve the legitimacy and effectiveness of the Council and why?
Your paper should be organized as follows. In the first section after the introduction (1 page), discuss the purpose of the UNSC and how it is structured, including how its members are chosen (2 pages). In the second section, discuss the arguments which focus on the need for UNSC reform, detailing at least three proposals for reform that governments have proposed in the UN General Assembly (3 pages). Third and finally, make an argument for how you think the UNSC should be reformed and why (3 pages). Be sure you address the counter-arguments to the position you take in this debate, and be sure to offer reasons and warrants for the position you take on this question.
Sources for your research paper:
You must provide citations in your paper that support the claims you are making, and you must cite at least four of the sources below. Those citations must be drawn from the list of sources below or from any source that these readings cite themselves and must include the number of the page you are citing. If you locate a source not on this list (or cited by one of these readings), it must be approved by me before you can cite it in your paper. !!(Message for the Studypool tutor: Whenever you find an outside source that you would like to use, text me here and I will ask my professor it it is acceptable)!!

Provide two political factors, explain them and how they impacted or influence youth in trinidad and tobago especially during the covid-19 pandemic.

Provide two political factors, Explain them and how they impacted or influence youth in TRinidad and tobago especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Provide recommendation and solutions. Please justify your information.Provide evidence and reference

You can debate issues related to the challenges nation-states face both in domestic politics and global trends.

Please write a short essay on “The Future of the State”. You can debate issues related to the challenges nation-states face both in domestic politics and global trends.
Attached file is thereading materials