Upload your paper to canvas by the end of the final exam time.

You will be writing on at least three works:
-Purple Hibiscus
Les Misérables
One other major work of your choice from this semester (choose from Hamlet, Death and the King’s Horseman, The Elephant Man, Animal Farm, Red Scarf Girl, To Live, Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony)
Write an original comparative essay on at least three themes in the three works you choose.
Be specific!! Do not give general statements, use specific examples from the texts!
This is similar to the paper you just wrote, except that there are two required works and one choice. Comparison means addressing both similarities and differences. You need to decide which you are doing and then EXPLAIN WHY you have made the choice you have.
Small example:
In Things Fall Apart and Purple Hibiscus, the fathers, Okonkwo and Papa, are disappointed in their eldest sons for slightly different reasons. Okonkwo and Papa fear that Nwoye and Jaja, respectively, will not live up to the high standards they have set. As a result, Okonkwo is derisive toward Nwoye, always criticizing him, and Papa is strict and physically abusive toward Jaja. For Okonkwo, Nwoye does not fulfill a gendered sense of identity, as eldest son, whereas his daughter, Ezinma, has the characteristics he is seeking in a son. Consequently, Okonkwo shows Ezinma much more love and affection. However, in Purple Hibiscus, Papa seems to have a more generalized fear of failure in his children, and he is equally tough on his daughter, Kambili, as he is on his son, Jaja, abusing Kambili so severely that she is hospitalized and almost dies. Both Nwoye and Jaja turn on their fathers, but in very different ways, but both strike at the heart of the issues that divide them. For the Igbo traditionalist in Okonkwo, Nwoye’s departure for missionary school and learning the ways of the British undermines Okonkwo’s sense of Igbo identity. Papa, on the other hand, supports missionary education, to the neglect of Igbo values and family, while Jaja embraces his Autie Ifeoma and his Papa-Nnukwu, and sacrifices himself for his mother at the end of the book.
This example is just a beginning, a rough draft of a body paragraph. Dig in deeper to your explanations and comparisons once you have a beginning like this one.

Think of themes we have been discussing:
How Shall I Live my Life?
Family and the complexities of family relationships (parent-child relationships, marital relationships, sibling relationships, etc.)
Colonialism and its impact
Culture and religion
Voice: how, where, when do you find your voice and how to use it
Sacrifice (of yourself for a loved one: small, daily sacrifices or major life-changing sacrifices)
Nature/nurture: in what ways do our genetic make-up guide how we act and in what ways do our experiences guide how we act? (think about the differences between Papa and Auntie Ifeoma in Purple Hibiscus)
Other instructions:
You will choose the themes. (The themes should reflect the essential humanistic questions we have been discussing this semester.)
You will write your own Thesis Statement. Make sure you have a clear Thesis Statement AND that your evidence/examples support your argument!
Do NOT use quotations (or use as few and as brief quotations as possible)! For each quotation or example, make sure you explain HOW that quotation supports your thesis statement. Use YOUR OWN WORDS!!! Paraphrase and cite ideas with a parenthetical citation and page number. (Adichie, p. 99)
Before you write the paper, read these pages: Citations: my expectations for your papers and Becoming a better writer, including avoiding plagiarism
Write a 4-page paper (typed, double-spaced) (800-1000 words). The text should be in 12-point, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins all around. Include your name and section day(s) and time at the top of the first page. Include your last name and page number on EACH page. You do not need a cover page. You DO need a title, however, that communicates your thesis statement/argument.
Make sure that your paper clearly demonstrates that you have carefully read the texts or viewed and analyzed the visual source and are able to connect them to the ideas and other works we have covered this semester. Do NOT provide a narrative that offers primarily a summary of the text(s), or mostly background information on the culture described. This is a critical analysis and comparative paper, not a narrative, not a plot summary.
Do not use outside sources!!
Proofread and correct all writing errors. Edit for grammar, punctuation, word choice, capitalization, etc. This is formal writing, not social media!! (It can be helpful to have a peer read over your paper or utilize the Writing Center.)
Upload your paper to Canvas by the end of the Final Exam time. (Your submission will go through plagiarism-detection software. If you read an idea somewhere, it is not your own, cite the author!)