Provided as a reference.

You have been charged to develop a graphic image to share with potential investors to obtain funds for your expansion. Be mindful of your audience and ensure the clarity of information within the image can be easily understood. Remember, the way you present your information reflects how your organization is perceived.
The outcome of this assignment should be a graph that can easily be used to evaluate decisions in future models side by side with the balanced scorecard. You can use any software program you would like to create the diversity scorecard, but make sure the graph is saved as a .pdf or image (such as .jpg or .gif). Please note that this is a short assignment equivalent to one page or a single image. APA formatting is not required.
Develop at least 4 targeted areas of diversity that can benefit your company, including the goals measures under each area that clearly describe how you intend to support diversity.
Each goal should have a measure—areas in a company that you will evaluate to ensure your diversity goals are being met. Use the exampleLinks to an external site. provided as a reference.