How do these improvement initiatives align with 

Section 3. Organizational analysis (For Parts A-C: no more than 10 full content pages, 
excluding graphs/tables
A. Basic description of the company. Include in your discussion the following: 
1. The company’s mission. How has the mission evolved over time? 
2. Characteristics of the company – leadership, culture, size in 
sales, number of employees, total assets, geographical locations, 
3. The company’s pattern of past objectives and strategies. How 
successful has the company been with its chosen strategies? 
4. The company’s improvement/change initiatives (e.g. Six Sigma, SQM, 
TQM, Lean Manufacturing, JIT, Process Reengineering, High 
Performance Work Teams, Assessment using Malcolm Baldrige National 
Quality Award Criteria, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, Benchmarking, Balanced 
Scorecard, etc.) What are firm’s previous & current impact/success of 
improvement initiatives? How do these improvement initiatives align with 
the strategic leadership of the firm? 
B. Financial analysis will include: 
1. Financial ratios will be calculated in this section. Other 
financial analysis may also be appropriate. Include financial 
2. Ratios must be compared to industry averages. 
3. Don’t just list the ratios, explain what they mean.
4. Financial analysis may help you to identify strengths or weaknesses, 
which may be discussed in this section or the next.
C. Ethical Analysis 
1. Ethical Code 
2. Ethics training program 
3. Ethical relations between company and customers 
4. Ethical relations between company team members. 

Develop a prototype of the chosen product or service in the form of powerpoint slides.

 The purpose of this assignment is to create a prototype of a particular service. Generate a survey page and professional resource page for a fictional website service for districts to be matched with potential employees (teachers) based off their resumes. The survey should include negative and positive reasons for leaving or wanting a teaching job such as low pay rates, or the benefits like managerial support for behavioral issues in the classroom. For the professional resource page it could be options for policies and curriculum.
Develop a prototype of the chosen product or service in the form of PowerPoint slides.
Use the prototype to demonstrate the function and value of the service and obtain feedback.
While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines.

Write a 1-2 page analysis addressing the following:

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze both the vision statement and mission statement for Google and Microsoft to determine how these statements guide leadership practices within organizations.
The vision statement reflects a desired future state worthy of pursuing, while the mission statement is what is done almost daily to eventually realize the vision.
One organization should profess to practice servant leadership and the other should practice a standard leadership model. Write a 1-2 page analysis addressing the following:
1. A description of the servant leadership principles or values that are explicitly or implicitly apparent in the vision and mission statements of the organization that professes to be servant-led. 
2. An explanation of the principles or values expressed in the vision and mission statements manifested in each organization’s public reputation, marketing tactics, treatment of its employees, etc. Provide specific examples to support your rationale. 
You are required to include an article that supports your selected organization’s vision and mission statements. Must be peer-reviewed journal articles. Include information from the articles in your discussion. Strengthen your claims with supporting citations within each content area.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

Si tiene 18 años o más, puede descargar tiktok 18+ desde el sitio web oficial.

TikTok 18 es una aplicación que solo permite a los usuarios mayores de 18 años publicar videos. Deberá registrarse para obtener una cuenta antes de poder publicar sus propios videos, así que asegúrese de ser mayor de edad. A continuación, puede empezar a ver los vídeos de otras personas y subir los suyos propios.
Si bien puede ver contenido gratuito en la aplicación  tik tok +18 original, también puede encontrar contenido premium en la aplicación TikTok 18 Plus. Esta aplicación tiene muchos videos compartidos por personas famosas. El principal beneficio de esta aplicación es que puedes publicar contenido y ver videos sin preocuparte de que te baneen. Sin embargo, solo puede comentar videos con una cuenta si tiene una.
Si tiene 18 años o más, puede descargar TikTok 18+ desde el sitio web oficial. Luego puede instalar la aplicación en su dispositivo descargando el archivo APK. Deberá habilitar la opción “permitir aplicaciones de fuentes externas” en la configuración de su dispositivo. Luego, simplemente siga las instrucciones en pantalla para instalar la aplicación.
La aplicación TikTok 18+ es una excelente opción para los usuarios que desean ver contenido para adultos. También proporciona videos y animaciones de alta calidad. Podrá publicar videos ilimitados en la aplicación y obtener una vista previa antes de cargarlos.

Why is this a biblical principle? 

In Nehemiah 5:9, Nehemiah uses the word reproach to describe how the gentile community views the events and circumstances of the poor people of Jerusalem. Why is this a biblical principle?  In other words, what impact does behavior on the part of believers have on unbelievers? Discuss Nehemiah’s concern for the poor, but also his concern for the witness that the actions and attitudes of the nobles and officials is having in the community among those on the outside who are observing the drama unfolding before them.
Requirements: 500-word minimum. APA format.

Can, and how does, the entrant succeed?

We consider a sequential-move game in which an entrant is considering entering an industry in competition with an incumbent firm. There are several possibilities of how this sequential game will be played. We want to use the Froeb rule of “look ahead and reason back.”
Play and analyze the game. Can, and how does, the entrant succeed? Is the incumbent ever in control of this game? What is the Nash equilibrium?

You may wish to review the old game known as Duopoly, as well as Antoine-Augustin Cournot, to help inform your post.