Research question:

Based on the following information I need you to have a reference regarding the Methodology choices for why the research should be qualitative and why should choose will be using interviews and focus group. please use in text citation for the reasons.
additional information about the Methodology choice:
Research question:
1.    Why darb zubaydah natural reserve should have eco-tourism? sub
2.    Why eco-tourism important for local and international tourists ? main
3.    What’s the difference between eco-tourism and normal tourism? sub
4.    What’s the impact of ecotourism for the development of tourism destinations?  sub
5.    How eco tourism benefit Saudi Arabia? sub
The research Methodology is qualitative research as we want to understand concepts, thoughts, experiences or opinion. For that we will be using qualitative as we want to get a deep understanding of `Why ecotourism important for local and international tourists?”.Based on the answers we get, we will be asking the follow-up (sub) questions to clarify the concept of our research project. We will be using interviews and focus group.