How might they be aligned?

In response to at least two of your peers, address the following:
Compare your views on how important a brand is to you when making purchasing decisions with the views of your peers. In what ways do your views differ from those of your peers? How might they be aligned?
Share your thoughts on the importance of an emotional connection with the brand.
Share your thoughts on how companies should handle customer concerns related to the brand.

Discussion – 30 journals.

-the analysis is Quantitative and requires statistical analysis with the JMP program.
-a sample size of at least 110 people is required and that they must be collected through the Qualtrics application
-It should be noted that the Reference List of the work (which is graded) should be done with a numbered referencing system according to Cranfield’s University
-Research Question – 25 journals.
Literature Review – 50 Journals.
Methodology – 25 Journals.
Findings – 25 journals.
Discussion – 30 journals.
Conclusions – 25 journals.

This is a primary research with statistical analysis of questionnaires and interviews.

The purpose of thesis is what strategy Afitos should follow in order to become a destination for the whole year.
This is a primary research with statistical analysis of questionnaires and interviews. I have made 3 questionnaires, 1 in Greek for tourism professionals and 2 in Greek and English for visitors.
Implementation of a development strategy for the Afitos area – Questionnaire for professionals.

Produce a professional strategic options report of your company that covers the following: briefly summarise the company’s current strategy.

magine you are a consultant employed by the company to investigate, analyse and recommend a new strategic direction and report back on your findings. Produce a professional Strategic Options Report of your company that covers the following: Briefly summarise the company’s current strategy. [10 Marks] Critically analyse the internal and external environment and the main challenges and opportunities facing the company. [40 Marks] Propose two new potential strategic options to increase the company`s competitive advantage. [10 Marks] Appraise your proposed potential new strategic options, make appropriate recommendations for the future direction of the company, and justify and evaluate your recommendations using suitability, feasibility and acceptability framework. [40 Marks] Tables of analysis, eg PESTEL and SWOT, should be placed in an appendix and cross referenced in the narrative of the report.

You can message me for any clarifications.

Please follow the instructions in the attached file named “Paper Instructions.” For two of the section in the paper, you will need to refer to learn concepts that are provided for in the attached file named “Material for Concepts to Use.” There is also a template and example that can be used as references. You can message me for any clarifications.


MKT 517 Marketing Management – Term Research Project Brief
Project Overview
You will be responsible for developing a research report with focus on comparing and
contrasting marketing plans implemented by a “competitive-pair” of companies.
Company and Product Choice
Select a “competitive-pair” of companies that have products that are directly competitive and
going after growing markets. Here are some examples of “competitive pairs”– Toyota vs. Honda
in hybrid autos, Coke vs. Pepsi in energy drinks, Uber vs. Lyft in ride-sharing services, etc.
Topics to Cover
1. Introduction – each company’s mission, objectives, history, etc., and the background
information on the product selected.
2. SWOT analysis – internal analysis and environmental analysis of each company.
3. STP analysis – segmentation, target market selection, positioning analysis of the product
selected for each company.
4. Marketing mix development:
• Explain the marketing mix strategies used by each company for the product
selected, with focus on the discussion of similarities and differences. Each element
of the 4Ps must be discussed separately.
• Discuss what factors have led the companies to implement such strategies. Provide
substantive support for the discussion.
• Provide suggestions whether any strategic changes needed or continuation is
appropriate for company’s performance.
5. Summary
Project Consultation
You are encouraged to consult with the instructor throughout the semester about the project.
Final Term Project Report
You will submit a final research report that should be no less than 25 pages, excluding title
page, table of contents, appendix and reference (please have your paper numbered). Any charts
and/or other graphical displays should be attached at the end of the paper as appendices. The
final report should be double-spaced, use Times New Roman, 12-point size, and APA format.
Better reports will display a greater degree of external research, citation, and original analysis.

Complete all worksheets in the business plan financials excel template using your business plan and the appropriate set of guidelines for the company, the cleaning solution inc.

Complete all worksheets in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template using your business plan and the appropriate set of guidelines for the company, The Cleaning Solution Inc.
Completing worksheets to finalize the Setup, Inventory, Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Balance Sheet worksheets in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template.

How to market your business in 2022, (19mins)

In lieu of quizzes and exams, please create and submit TWO quiz questions per Chapter (there are three chapters in this module) for this week’s assigned chapter readings; include the correct answer with the ‘Page number’. I am not looking for “trick” questions. Meaning, trivial facts.
Helpful Tip: Take notes as you’re reading to extrapolate the three KEY concepts from the chapter.
I am looking for the two key concepts, from each chapter, and for you to articulate (the concepts) through well crafted questions, reflective of a university student. Finally, please post your questions, so that they can be graded.
Your questions can be either T/F or multiple choice.
Please follow these formats, exactly
example of a True / False quiz question
T/F It is very expensive for a business to launch an e-commerce website. (F, “Entrepreneur”, pg 13)
example of a Multiple Choice quiz question
6) 2. What is Government Contracting?
A. A. The opportunity to hire government workers certified in skills like engineering, construction, etc.
B. B. A letter from the government that permits new entrepreneurs to open a business.
C. C. The Government becomes the client of a business; the government buys goods and services from a local business.
( (Answer, C “Entrepreneur”, page 23)
“Research” for this week.
write two bullet-points summarizing each concept
Concept: How to create a marketing plan
This video taught me XXX
The tool that was presented to make this job easier is, XXX
Here are your research topics for this week
“Best Of Digital Marketing”
After this “Research”, you will have the same general knowledge, if not more than many top digital marketer working today.
What are Digital Marketing “Channels”? (4mins)

What is Google My Business, (21mins)

Google Search Ads Tutorial, (11mins)

90% of Fortune 500 Brands reach their Buyer Personas online through “Programmatic Advertising”, (4mins)

How do you Build a Digital Marketing Strategy, (15mins)

How to launch an ad campaign on Facebook for a local business, (21mins)

In the world of digital marketing what is “geo-fencing” and why this is important to a local business?, (9mins)

How to create a :15sec or :30sec video to LAUNH A BRAND, (5mins)

How to market your business in 2022, (19mins)

Social Media Marketing Tips for a new business, (15mins)

How to launch an ad campaign on TikTok, (33mins)

Why Email Marketing is important in 2022, (15mins)

What should his company do?

Harold Turnley, brand manager for Sweet Dream, anxiously waited for Lindsey Murphy, his boss, to report on the marketing committee’s decision whether to authorize a national rollout of Sweet Dream. After 18 months of work, four test markets, and $5.2 million, Harold had invested greatly in the product, culminating in a 47-page report and a 65-page appendix, including a five page executive summary.
“I’m glad you’re sitting down,” Lindsey quipped uncomfortably as he entered Harold’s office. “The news isn’t good. The committee decided not to go ahead.” Lindsey proceeded to explain that Barbara Reifenheiser essentially killed the project. Barbara’s clout in the firm has grown since her successful years as brand manager of LaTreat, the company’s other frozen specialty dessert. Her evidence: 75 percent of the people who tried Sweet Dream had bought LaTreat in the last four weeks, and repurchase rates (i.e., purchase again after initial purchase or trial) were highest among LaTreat heavy users. It appeared that LaTreat users were switching to Sweet Dreams.
Launched five years ago, LaTreat was the first “super-premium” frozen dessert to enter national distribution. Unlike LaTreat, which came on a stick, Sweet Dream resembled an ice cream sandwich. Lately, however, LaTreat faced tough challenges from three direct competitors as well as several parallel concepts (e.g., Sweet Dream). Fortunately, the total frozen specialties market had grown fast enough to absorb these new entrants without reducing LaTreat sales, but sales were basically flat for LaTreat. Overall, it appears that category sales are increasing at a decreasing rate.
After Lindsey left, Harold reviewed the report. Although four test markets were used, only two distinct marketing mixes were used. In Marion, Indiana, and Corvallis, Oregon, Sweet Dream was promoted as “Go Ahead, You Deserve It,@ while in Midland, Texas, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts, superior quality was emphasized, “Taste the Goodness.” Price promotion was not used in the latter two (i.e., Midland and Pittsfield) contrasted with frequent 50-cents-off coupons and 75-cent rebate vouchers after purchase in the first group (i.e., Marion and Corvallis). Harold had used BehaviorScan (services offered by Information Resources, Inc.) to generate weekly data on volume, dollar sales, shelf price, market share, feature advertising, coupons, in-store displays, and the relationship between sales and promotional offers. Midland and Pittsfield had a higher repurchase rate than Marion and Corvallis.
BehaviorScan is used in marketing tests to measure the effect of marketing strategies on product purchases. In a typical BehaviorScan test, one group of consumer panelists is exposed to certain variables (i.e., print or television advertisements, coupons, free samples, in-store displays), while other participating consumers serve as a control group. Supermarket scanner data on both groups of consumers (who present identification cards to store checkout clerks) are used to evaluate purchasing responses to marketing campaigns. A typical BehaviorScan test lasts about one year.
The results aside, other issues troubled Harold. Freezer space is tight (in retail outlets); the longer new product development takes, the harder stores are going to pressure us because competitors will have developed new products. Second, other people are going to find out how well Sweet Dream did in Midland and Pittsfield. Although the BehaviorScan data will be unavailable to competitors, they probably monitored our tests. And finally, LaTreat has been shifting money out of print and TV and into coupons and rebates. Yet, total marketing expenditures are unchanged for LaTreat. What should Harold do? What should his company do? Explain. Adapted from a Harvard Business Review case
New Prod
Make sure you use the below concepts to answer it. Thank you
The components of the positioning statement are: i) target market; ii) need; iii) brand; iv) concept; and v) point of difference.
Where are your positioning statements?
The first slogan does not address customer needs. Marketing concepts must be used to substantiate your answer.

How well is venmo positioned in the social media market space?

Part 1 …….Case Study 3/ Alibaba #31
What steps will Alibaba need to take to retain a dominant and competitive position in China’s domestic market? What are the domestic competitive threats?
How would you characterize the international competitive landscape in e-commerce? Who are the international competitors? What are the international opportunities?
Which regions of the world should Alibaba prioritize for entry and expansion?
How will Alibaba’s growth strategy of mergers and acquisitions help the company to compete in the US and other international markets?
PART 2……………..Case Study #4/ Venmo 37
How well is Venmo positioned in the social media market space? Are there untapped opportunities available to Venmo to create profitable revenue streams in this space?
How can Venmo attract newer customers in various demographics?
What options does Venmo have available to diversify its business model to create incremental revenue streams? How would you rate the attractiveness of these diversification opportunities into new products, services or markets?
How would you assess PayPal’s (Venmo’s parent company) financial strength to support any initiatives that Venmo might pursue?
What recommendations would you make to PayPal CEO Dan Schulman to improve Venmo’s competitive position?