Explain the following in your paper:

Write a 2-page elements of fiction essay on Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use”. Explain the following in your paper:
Key historical events which influenced the piece: Expand on how the key historical events influenced the plot and theme.
Setting: Why is the setting important to the story? (The setting is where the story takes place).
Theme: What is the major theme or idea of the story? Here are some examples of themes you might find in literature: loss of innocence, love, loss, grief, man vs. nature, man vs. technology, death, old-age, coming of age, alienation, overcoming the odds, a hero’s quest, etc.
Note: The theme of a work of fiction is different from the plot—the plot tells you the sequence of events or what happened. The theme tells you the main lesson or message of the narrative. It is the main point that the author wants you to understand from reading the short story, poem, or novel.
Also, select one of the terms to include in your story analysis from Literary Terms in this module (Allegory, Ambiguity, Antagonist, Archetype, Diction, Flashback, Foreshadowing, Protagonist, and Regionalism). Explain how this was used in the story, with examples and lines illustrating your claims. Use in-text citations where needed.
Your paper must be written in APA format. Use the APA template from your Course Guide to complete this assignment. You should have an APA cover page; 2 full pages of essay text with in-text citations, quotes, and lines from the readings; and a References page. No additional resources other than the assigned readings are required; however, you may want to include additional resources from the Rasmussen library. All papers are to be written in Times New Roman 12 pt. font and be double-spaced.

How would you understand the theatrical design of the play, embedded in the dialectics of self and role, history and drama, and reality and illusion?

A historical play reflecting on the Ming-Qing dynastic transition, the Peach Blossom Fan enacts a love story in the context of the short-lived Southern Ming regime (1643-1645) beset by corruption, factionalism, and decadence. How does Nanjing serve as the main stage where the Revival Society scholar Hou Fanyu meet and “marry” the famous courtesan Li Xiangjun in the Qinhuai pleasure quarters? What antagonistic forces drive the downward spiral of the political and personal setbacks intertwined when Hou and Li are apart? How does the changing fan embody the emotional bond of the couple? How would you understand the theatrical design of the play, embedded in the dialectics of self and role, history and drama, and reality and illusion?

Another writer fucked my essay for this review this is a final draft sources not cited correctly but everything is there.

Another writer FUCKED my essay for this review this is a FINAL draft sources not cited correctly but everything is there. most of this is already done he really didn’t do this right do no accept if you don’t understand what is asked AND CITE CORRECTLY IN MLA FORMAT THIS IS A COLLEGE LEVEL ESSAY

Briefly explain the source kim,chulkwon,and jinsoo lim“ rashomon”-on the truth of desire” film studies, vol.

1. Briefly explain the source Kim,ChulKwon,and Jinsoo Lim“ Rashomon”-on the Truth of Desire” Film Studies, vol. 80, June 2019, pp. 3-34, https://doi.org/10.17947/fs.2019.6.80.3 mention how this source help us understand some aspect of Rashomon, Underground, or both.(in 1 paragraph)
2. Based on your article, how does truth become subjective to the subject? (in 1-2 paragraph)
3. Can truth be found in every recollection of the same story? (in 1-2 paragraph)
Answer 3 questions
link to the prep doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xQmxXPzJXFI6T7…

What to focus on 1- the writing style of gretureade stein, 2- the relationship between her and alice

* “Paperlits” or “baby essays” are little papers in response to the assigned text; they should consist of a full
1-2 pages (1 single-spaced or two double) in response to the reading attached, the first two chapters of the autobiography of Alice B. The more specific your focus, which you should state from the beginning in both
your title and a brief question you develop as you read, the better. Aim for at least three paragraphs
(including a brief introduction and conclusion), and offer brief textual citations throughout. Posing questions
at the beginning or the end is a great practice, as is supplying an engaging title for your piece.
What to focus on 1- The writing style of Gretureade stein, 2- the relationship between her and Alice
You don’t have to focus on what I mentioned; that’s just a suggestion. You can focus on anything you may like on the reading.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You can’t use references or resources on this paper, it has to be your own words and thoughts responding to the reading attached.

***argue which event was most impactful and justify why.

Dear Martin
Novel by Nic Stone
Dear Martin – Argumentative Essay Prompt and Thesis MLA Format
Topic **Which event of injustice was the most impactful on Justyce? The options you have are:
**his arrest
***the racist stereotype costumes
**Manny’s death.
***Argue which event was most impactful and justify why.

The name of the play by henrik ibsen is named “hedda gabler”

The assignment must be a Discursive technical article in which you compare an Ibsen play with a more recent text. The subject article is based on a problem statement you create yourself based on a critical way of reading.
Recommended Ibsen play; (https://www.ibsen.uio.no/DRVIT_HG%7CHG4262III4.xhtml?facs=Ja)
Everything is in Norwegian, but you can just use google translate if you want, and i will translate back to Norwegian myself:)
The name of the play by Henrik Ibsen is named “Hedda Gabler”
You can change the title to something else you have seen, but make sure its a play by Henrik Ibsen compared with something else.

How does the ghost appear?

please answer the following questions about the play hamlet by William ShakespeareI am including below some description/summary of scenes in the first half of Hamlet and pointing out sections that deserve especially close attention. I would like each of you to post a reply in this discussion that offers some thoughtful response to the first 3 acts. You can record it or type it, whichever you prefer.Act 1, Scene 1 Notice that the ghost appears in full armor. Horatio also gives us some important background on the political situation between Norway and Denmark.1.2 Lots of important stuff here, including introducing Hamlet and his first conversation with Horatio. Notice that Hamlet, Horatio, and Laertes are all students (though not all at the same school). Claudius’ initial monologue also focuses on Fortinbras and Norway. Gertrude’s first interactions with Claudius and Hamlet. Hamlet’s “that within which passes show.”1.3 Polonius’ famous advice to to Laertes: “neither a borrower nor a lender blah blah blah.” Why does Polonius want Ophelia to break things off with Hamlet?1.4 and 1.5 Hamlet and the Ghost. This is a good scene to try to visualize on an early modern stage. How would the characters have moved around?2.1 What is Polonius sending Renaldo to do? First mention of Hamlet going mad.2.2 Why has Claudius summoned Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Ambassador’s return from Norway. Polonius talks of Hamlet’s lunacy. Polonius’ plan to spy, his interaction with Hamlet. How does Hamlet treat him, what about everyone else? Polonius introduces the players, they deliver some interesting speeches, and Hamlet has some interesting and important reactions to their delivery. “The play’s the thing.”3.1 To be or not to be, who’s on stage, how much to they hear? Hamlet treats Ophelia like shit. Plans to ship Hamlet off to England.3.2 Speak the speech. Hamlet’s advice to the players. Polonius played in Julius Caesar. The dumb show, “the Mouse Trap” (a play within a play).3.3 WHY DOESN’T HAMLET DO IT???3.4 Gertrude’s closet (bedroom). Pay attention to her interaction with Hamlet. What sense do we get of each character and of what they think about each other? How does the Ghost appear? Polonius is dead, and Hamlet will be sent to England with some sealed letters.3.5 and 3.6 Catching Hamlet and sending him away.