Explain your choice.

Switching/Dimming Control Plan Exercise
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate a basic understanding of the principles and practices of
dimming and switching lighting within a commercial space.
Draw/sketch a dimming/switching control plan for your Final Project restaurant.
You must include the following:
• A combined Floor/Reflected Ceiling Lighting Control Plan with some architectural or decorative
lighting mounted in/on the floor, as well as fixtures mounted to wall surfaces and all ceiling
mounted/recessed lighting fixtures, coves, etc.
• The lighting for your space must include at least (6) layers (zones) of lighting, possible zones
would include: general down-lighting, kitchen lighting, chandeliers, wall sconces, under-counter
lighting, cove lighting, art lighting, in-grade up-lighting, etc.
• Use symbols for fixtures and controls found in your books and/or discussed in class.
• Use basic switching and dimming only, BUT you are also to include a description of the type
of control system you would deem appropriate if you could choose any type you want. Wall-box
dimmers? Time-clock control? Programmable touch-screen? Explain your choice.
• Be sure to indicate an appropriate location for the placement of your controls. In general, you
don’t want the public to be able to access the controls, but it’s a good idea to be able to use the
controls while being able to see the changes you’re making.
• Use the examples from the week 9 lecture notes posted on Canvas. You can use the most basic
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