Need paper by deadline time can not be expended.

Please ensure that all questions are answered from the paper instructions in the essay. Please incorporate the literature material in the “Course Material” PDF; the essay must be original work, but unlimited sources can be added to answer questions, but it must have a “word cited” page. Need paper by deadline time can not be expended. Again incorporate course material in the essay and answer all questions from the “Paper Instructions.”

What factors were most important to you?

Read: Decision Making (pages 18-30)
GME Consulting Company case
Question: See questions at the end of the GME case. Note: a spreadsheet works well for this case with explanations.
1. Decide on a pay increase for each consultant (in both dollars and percentage-over-current-salary).
2. Provide a rationale for your allocation decisions. What factors were most important to you? Least important?
3. What are the most likely consequences of your allocation decisions, both positive and negative?
4. Would you be comfortable making the pay raise information public? Why or why not?


Now that the initial research has been conducted on the approved topic, it is time to prepare a complete outline. Outlines are a foundational component of MBA research papers since they can organize concepts and demonstrate a logical order of information that will be presented. Outlines also assist in keeping track of large volumes of data, and it makes it easier for readers to follow with individual headings. For a well structured outline, APA utilizes a unique headings system to separate and classify all paper sections while structuring the flow of information and how ideas are correlated.
Combine the previously created research paper sections to create an outline that will include the title and reference page. There are five heading levels and regardless of the final page number, headings are always in order starting with level 1.
Use the heading labels below as a placeholder where the writing process will take place.
Written in APA 7th ed

Consider using perry library’s journal finder to locate scholarly journals across the disciplines that may be relevant to addressing your research question.

Your second assignment will require you to collect & examine scholarly sources for your term paper. Re-create Table 5.1 on page 144 of the Repko and Szostak text. You may use any program or tool you prefer to create the table or draw it by hand, but it should be populated using 5 research sources you will collect this week in preparation for your term paper. Consider using Perry Library’s Journal Finder to locate scholarly journals across the disciplines that may be relevant to addressing your research question. If you find a useful article in a Google search and can’t access it, look for it here or synch your Google Scholar searches to the ODU Library archives.
5 sources must be included in the table. Each missing source will result in a 20-point grade deduction.
Columns should be filled out for each entry (there are 9 columns). Avoid conflating Key concepts and Phenomena addressed by carefully reading the textbook descriiptions of what these are. Method refers to methodology, not the publication type. If you write “journal article” as the Method then you’ll lose points because that isn’t a research methodology. It is best to use the author’s own words under the Thesis category, so cite accordingly. Bias is the only column that may not always have content. Other empty columns suggest you did not thoroughly vet the source.
You don’t have to use all of these sources in your final paper, so don’t omit a source just because you determine it is too biased or methodologically unsound. This workshop will help you determine if the source is useful. If you change your topic after this workshop then you must re-do this workshop using the new topic and sources.
You may hand-write your table if you prefer. Images taken of hand-drawn tables must be high quality with all writing legible. If you use Excel to design your table you should be aware that it doesn’t convert to Canvas very well which could interfere with my ability to grade it.

How does this article describe the leader’s impact on organizations? a.

This HBR Position Paper addresses the article, What Leaders Need to Know About Organizational Culture? by D. D. Warrick
Guidelines on Writing HBR Position Papers MGT 141 Organizational Leadership
Guidelines and Strategies:
The student’s written Position Paper is designed to invite the student to provide an in- depth written examination of one of the HBR assigned article.
Headings in Paper:
This written essay is a response to the following questions. Students must create headings for each section
1. What are the major themes found in the article? How do the authors make and support their argument?
a. Heading: Major Themes
2. What are the unique characteristics of this leader or group of leaders that are advanced in the article?
a. Heading: Leadership Characteristics
3. How does this article describe the leader’s impact on organizations? a. Heading: Organizational Impact
4. What is the student’s response to the findings, results, or actionable outcomes of the article?
a. Heading: Student Opinion and Position
5. How does the HRB reading connect to the reading from the Kouzes and Posner text?
a. Heading: Kouzes and Posner
6. How will the student integrate or apply those aspects of the article with
their understanding and practice of leadership in organizations?
a. Heading: Application and Integration Structure and Style:

How would you use the program/concept or change it to be more effective in your organization?

Write a maximum 3 page paper double spaced on Gainsharing or Blockchain Innovation (focus on Blockchain for Change, New York and Follow My Vote described in National League of Cities White Paper) addressing the following:
Describe what is the program/concept and its purpose
How does it work?
What results has the program/concept achieved?
How would you use the program/concept or change it to be more effective in your organization?
Please follow the instruction and the writing rubric while addressing all the questions above and please write the essay with details. Thank you. I have uploaded the material and info that the writer need for this essay to the file, also the link blow is another reading that the writer will need for addressing the questions for this essays. Please use them and write this essay with details thank you again

Do not use direct quotations from the resources.

Read the “The Hamburger Dilemma” scenario:
Due to budgetary cuts, Bob and Diane are relocated from their individual offices and forced to share a single office space. One day Diane brings a hamburger for lunch and heats it in the office microwave. When she gets back to her desk, Bob reminds Diane he is a vegetarian for religious reasons and asks her to leave the office to eat her lunch. Diane and Bob have a problematic history, and she is on a deadline for their boss, so she declines Bob’s request. Instead, she leaves her plate on the desk while she runs out to fill her water bottle. Since Diane won’t leave, Bob decides he’s going to leave the office for a while. As he gets up to go, he trips over the cord to Diane’s lamp and falls into her lunch plate, knocking it to the floor. Diane isn’t there to see it was truly an accident and walks in just as Bob is picking her plate up off the floor.
Then answer the following questions in essay form:
1. Briefly describe what you consider two or three major issues contained in the case.
2. Explain how these points or issues integrate with the material covered this week and explain their relevance to the case.
3. Identify the implications for the parties involved in the case.
4. Provide a brief descriiption of the questions/challenges you have regarding the readings and explain why they are important.
5. What were the roots of the conflict? (Remember the triangle)
6. How do the parties to the conflict view the behavior of their ‘opponents’ and pursue their own interests in the conflict situation?
7. At what point did the conflict become detrimental to the parties involved?
8. How might this conflict extend to the larger workplace if not resolved?
Do not include the following in your analysis: 1. A summary of the readings. 2. A detailed descriiption of the case. 3. Any editorials
Do not use direct quotations from the resources. You must only use sources from academic journals or text books. APA 7 IN-TEXT CITATION MUST BE FORMATTED LIKE THIS: (Smith, 2002, p. 12) or (Smith, 2002, pp. 12-14).
Please use the 3 sources I provided.
I attached the document “IoannouV_OLB-7001-1”. My references and title page are already done so there is no need to write a reference page or a title page.
NO Reference page. NO Abstract. NO Title Page.
The text must be double spaced, 12 sized font. Times New Roman. No additional space before or after lines.

How to lead when you’re not the boss.links to an external site.

Based on the module’s readings, respond to the following questions.
– How can the leadership charade be broken?
– Does the charade exist in your organization?
– How is it manifested?
– What could be done to “break” the charade?
Course Readings (please use for at least 2 of your sources):
Complex Adaptive Leadership (Obolensky, 2014)
• Chapter 4 – Finita La Comedia (including the exercise)
Consider: Does the Finita La Comedia exist in your organization?
The Practice of Adaptive Leadership
• Chapter 7 – Qualities of an Adaptive Organization
This short chapter presents some prescriiptive solutions to the Finita Las Comedia!
Additional Readings:
Harvard Business Review Article
How to Lead When You’re Not the Boss.Links to an external site. (2009). Harvard Management Update, 14(3), 1-2.
This provides thoughts for all organizational members!