Minimum requirements

Project 4-JavaScript and jQuery
Design a fully functional, visually pleasant, “Tic-Tac-Toe game”.
Start from the example at to an external site..
Modify and expand / improve the example in meaningful ways, for example:Adding HTML
Adding CSS, i.e. embedding the board in a Bootstrap-compatible template
Making the (end-of-game) messages more friendly.
Test your app after every significant change /addition.
Once you’ve reached a point where your app is complete and fully functional in the browser of your choice (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari), prepare the final package (single zip, all that is needed, and nothing else).
Minimum Requirements
Your app must be your own.If you use a site, app, textbook example or any other source as “inspiration” along the way, please make a note of it in your report.
You must use jQuery (and you’re allowed to use jQuery plugins, provided that you give proper credit in your app and/or report
A single zip file containing all files (.html, .css, .jpg, .js, ) necessary to see your page in a browser window and your brief report (see below).
A very brief report (1-3 pages) describing any relevant aspect that I cannot tell just by looking at the page.
o For example, the editor(s) you used, the browser(s) you tested your page on, how was the jQuery learning curve, which tasks were more time consuming, etc.