However, those in charge of making purchases have hopefully gone back to basics.

1-Think about a full service hotel that has everything from a valet to multiple restaurants to a spa.
This site has a good list.
List out the different departments in the hotel.
What type of IT systems they might need to be efficient.
2-A couple of the lecture slides discuss sustainability of IT advantages.
Think of the third-party hotel booking sites (, hotwire, kayak, etc.).
Look at three of these sites. Based on the talking points on Chapter 3, which of these sites do you believe is the best and why?
Does one have a competitive advantage – and if so, is it sustainable?
Please note there is no word requirement for this assignment, but your answer should be through enough to show full comprehension and address all questions.
3-The lecture reviews how you can use computer systems to track sales, cost of goods, inventory in the kitchen, and ticket times. There are even systems (we use BevNet) to track liquor cost and we can see if a bartender is giving away drinks.
Imagine you have no computer system in your restaurant right now. A company coming in to implement a system would cost you about $100,000 for implementation, and an ongoing price per month based on the number of restaurants you have.
What are costs that you can track and monitor and improve upon so you could show the restaurant owner that you would get a return on the investment and the cost of the system will be made up? Make a list of the areas you will save money.
4-Slides 5-8 shows the guest lifecycle and components involved in those. Slides 9 & 10 show a list of different parts of a Property Management System.
Take each of these components, and list them under the stage of the guest lifecycle that they effect.
A single component (for example, Rate management) may be involved in several of the guest life cycles (for example, dream, purchase, and remember).
5-Name two consumer technology devices and explain how they impact attendance at an event.
6-Below is a list of popular distribution methods for your hospitality advertising:
Commission-based agency model
Merchant or wholesale model
Opaque pricing model
Pay per click
In your own words, define each type and provide an example of a website that uses this distribution method.
7-Read the article at:
What are the top 3 security tips you learned in these articles?
Which of these tips could have helped in the situation you shared from the Discussion Board assignment and how would it have helped?
8-What are the characteristics of and differences between data and information?
Why is it important to distinguish between the two, and how can one convert data into usable information?
9-Explain the difference between VR/AR and 360-degree video
10-Our lecture mentions that radio frequency trackers are now used in gaming chips so the casino can check how the chip travels, wins, losses, and if it was in play if there is a disputed call. Read the attached white paper on how casinos are using radio frequency technology in other ways.
11-You have your Front Office manager begging you for a new front desk reservations management system, and your head chef begging for a new Kitchen management system. Both the Rooms and Food & Beverage division bring in about the same amount of revenue to your property, and the systems they are requesting cost about the same.
How would you decide which one you are going to implement first?
Name three factors to be cautious of in system selection.
12-Today, with big data, the Internet of things, and digital marketing, new fears are arising. However, those in charge of making purchases have hopefully gone back to basics. Advancements in technology are still respected, such as mobility; however, business considerations come first. Simply put, any new system needs to either increase revenue or reduce costs.
What are the nine steps when selecting a new system?

How can it systems create a competitive advantage?

1-IT is constantly changing.
Think about a recent hospitality business you visited – hotel, amusement park, restaurant, etc.
How has technology changed this business alone in the past 10 years?
Do you think they are keeping up with their competition?
2-Why is it important for hospitality professionals, who must excel at customer service, to also be knowledgeable in IT?
How can IT systems create a competitive advantage?
Provide a real life example of a competitive advantage in the hospitality & tourism industry.
3-Slide 10 discusses self-ordering kiosks. This trend has been slower to take off than I had expected. Jack In The Box has some of these in their restaurants, as do some Chili’s, decreasing the number of wait staff.
Please list at least 3 pros and 3 cons to going to a self-serve kiosk system in either a restaurant or hotel front desk (think about if you like using the self check out in the grocery store or not).
Do you think this is a good or bad idea?
Why? Defend your opinion.
4-Do a google search of one of the following front desk POS systems:
Fidelio AND Customer success story
Opera AND Customer success story
Encore AND Customer success story
Select and read a success story of how the system moved the business forward.
Summarize the story and significance of the improvement for your classmates.
What would you tell your Hotel Ownership if they say a good PMS system costs too much money?
5-We have all been to meetings or events that have not gone very smoothly.
Think of a meeting or event that was disorganized – what went wrong and how could technology have helped the process go more smoothly?
6-This week’s discussion on distribution systems makes a case for getting your information out through as many sources as possible.
The problem is as the internet grows there are SO MANY sources.
Do you think it is worth it to have your hotel on Expedia, and, and Trivago, and Booking, and Priceline, Travelocity, hotelstonight…etc.
It takes time and coordination to put your hotel on ALL these sites – how would you decide which of these sites is worth your time?
7-Do a google search about data security breaches – summarize the article for your classmates.
What was the company, the situation, the damage caused and number of people affected?
How could it have been avoided?
Please note there is no word requirement for this assignment, but your answer should be through enough to show full comprehension and address all questions.
8-How would you describe the term Business Intelligence to your someone who doesn’t know what it is?
Give an example of how a business has used info about you to go above & beyond in a way that surprised you. (If you don’t have an example, ask a friend!)
9-Describe how you see the influence of AI in hospitality and tourism?
Describe a time when you have used AI or had an experience associated with it.
10-Read this quick article:
We all know that casinos slots are computers – but should a computer malfunction be able to void a winning?
Why or why not?
What would you do as the casino manager in this situation?
11-Visit a restaurant or hotel, or think of a recent visit you had:
What type of technology could you see the staff using?
List the different types of technology systems you came in contact with as a customer, if any.
Think of other places where technology COULD have been inserted into your guest experience.
How would this make your experience better or worse?
How would the business get a return on investment from your suggestions
12-Implementing information systems that provide increased productivity can certainly lead to dramatic reductions in labor costs. However, decreased expenses associated with new IT can come in many shapes and sizes, and labor is not the only place operators can save money from new IT.
What are some of the ways IT can reduce costs?

What is the point?)

Part 2: Recruitment Sources, Recruitment Plan, and Interview Questions
2a. Recruitment Sources (20 points)
Download the attached HOSP240 Term Project Recruitment Sources Template (.docx) HOSP240 Term Project Recruitment Sources Template (.docx) – Alternative Formats
Identify the four most appropriate places that you would recruit from for the position that you have been assigned. Include both (1) internal and (3) external sources in your response. Be specific. For example, an answer such as stating that you would post on a Job Board is not acceptable. You want to state a specific Job Board Site such as LinkedIn.
Explain why you selected each source considering both the advantages and disadvantages of using each source selected. Remember, identifying the appropriate recruiting source is important to the success of your recruitment plan.
Cite your sources (MLA).
2b. Recruitment Plan (40 points)
Design a plan for the selection process from the first step of initial screening to the final step of a job offer. Refer to Exhibit 7-1 The Selection Process located in Chapter 7 of your textbook.
Format this section by providing headings for each of the topics.
Initial Screening
Completed application
Employment Test
Comprehensive InterviewConditional Job Offer
Reject Applicant
Background Examination
Medical/Physical Exam
Job Offer
Cite your sources
In designing the selection process, consider the following items.
Will you accept applications and/or resumes?
Will you require letters of recommendations, names of references?
What types of assessments will you use and why, a capability, personality, or cognitive test?
Will you use drug testing, background check and why?
Are you going to interview all candidates? Some? How will you determine how many you will interview? How will you choose?
How many interviews will you conduct for each candidate?
The above list refers to some of the many areas to be addressed in the plan you are developing for your organization. Refer to your textbook, Chapter 7, for more details.
2c. Interview Questions (10 points)
Format this section by numbering each question, provide the question as the heading, and then crafting your response.
Research and write ten legally defensible interview questions. Include behavioral questions that will cover all areas of inquiry. Your questions should be probative and help you to determine if the candidate is the “best qualified candidate” for the position.
List each question and explain the purpose of how that question is related to the job. (example: Why did you ask it? What is the point?)

Provide an overview of all the videos (make sure i know you have watched them all)

Submit a 300-word reflective response to the videos watched in this module (in a word document). To receive full credit, your response should:
Provide an overview of all the videos (make sure I know you have watched them ALL)
Relate the video to one aspect of the week’s readings. Use your vocabulary
Provide a brief statement about your personal reflection on the video. Was it overly simplistic, bias, or did it provide a solid example of the course material.

What are the contributions of their work?

Research question : How has the development of technology helped conserve energy in the hotel industry?
1.Write the first draft of your Introduction and Research Background section (500 words). Provide a list of references using MLA or APA formatting style (excluded from word count).

One of the major assignments of this course involves developing a clear, researchable research question and conducting a review of literature that informs the development of that research question.
In this assignment, you will be identifying what other literature contributes to your area of inquiry or problem. You should succinctly summarize the findings from previous literature.
It should include:
1.Working title of your research proposal
2.Brief Introduction of the context of your research and a problem statement (150 words). Here are some questions to guide you (do not write these questions in your draft) – What are the current trends in T&H industry pertaining to your problem of interest? You may provide recent statistics and cite your sources. What is the purpose/objective of your research? What are the implications of your research?
3.Research Background (350 words) – An overview of relevant academic and industry-related literature. Think about the following:
Summary of major studies – What do previous studies, industry research reports, and critical literature reviews have to say about the previous work on this topic? What are the contributions of their work?
Parallel research – What research has been done in related areas that might affect your pursuit of your problem of interest? How does this research contribute to ways you think about your research project?
Patterns – Where has the research been conducted? What common threads do you find? Where do studies contradict each other?
Gaps – What are the gaps in the previous literature? What is missing, either from content, market, process, method, or findings?
4.List of References cited
Tips for effective writing:
Write in paragraphs. Every paragraph has a structure: the first sentence explains the theme of the paragraph. The body sentences present arguments from previous research. The last sentence in the paragraph is the conclusion of the theme and serves to highlight the gaps.
Observe and imitate the style of published academic articles and professional industry reports.
Trade magazines and news articles are not a good reference for professional writing because they tend to express more creative freedom.
Do not use slang.
Do not use abbreviations (e.g. Don’t)
Do not use acronyms without clearly defining them first.
Clearly present the facts.
Avoid unnecessary filler words (e.g., like, a lot, really, I learned that)
The language and your writing style should be objective and professional. The following sentence structure is preferred:
“Prior research indicates that …..”
“Research reports suggest that ….”
“[Concept of interest] is found to [affect, increase, decrease, influence, impact, cause, drive, predict,…] [another concept of interest].”
“Based on the previous work about ….., the current research suggests that ….”
Avoid lengthy and complex sentences.
Proof read your manuscript.
Good luck with writing!

Explain the statement, “the menu determines the kitchen equipment.”

Please answer the following questions. You have to answer each question (at least 100 words for each discussion question).
1. Before equipment selection takes place, what factors must you evaluate? Use at least three examples of equipment in your discussion.
2. Explain the statement, “The menu determines the kitchen equipment.”
3. Please read this article and discuss how this new policy will influence restaurant operations and customer service. to an external site.

Provide an overview of all the videos (make sure i know you have watched them all).

Submit a 300-word reflective response to the videos watched in this module (in a word document). To receive full credit, your response should:
Provide an overview of all the videos (make sure I know you have watched them ALL). Use your vocabulary
Provide a brief statement about your personal reflection on the video. Was it overly simplistic, bias, or did it provide a solid example of the course material.

What companies occupy the organizations strategic group?

Please review/read all attached files to find more information about this assignment. Please use provided company (Rute Hospitality) for this case.
There are four parts to the assignment. Each part requires an analysis and development of answers to several questions. Answers are presented in narrative form. Use this as a guide when completing the assignment.
Minimum requirement is to write at least 1,200 words ( not including cover page, topic, questions, references, etc.). The minimum word count requirements can help students better elaborate on ideas.
Keep in mind that no more than 3 direct quotations are allowed on this assignment. If you are using information from other source(s), please make sure to paraphrase.
If you are using information from other source(s), please make sure to paraphrase and include in-text citations.
Please make sure to write section by section and answer all questions.
Please submit on Word document only (do not submit on PDF)
12 Point Font –Times Roman
Double space
1 Inch margins –top, bottom, left, right
No spelling nor grammatical errors
MLA format –all in text citations and references/works cited page
Must include Title page
Must Read
This operational case study focuses on Ruth’s Hospitality and a SWOT analysis completed on the company by Marketline in 2018. The case study provides a positive example of SWOT and allows each student an opportunity to review and analyze a “real life” SWOT application. Each student will practice applying and analyzing SWOT as a strategic planning tool. A second purpose is to facilitate use of SWOT data to inform managerial recommendations. Consider this a practice assignment prior to completing your term project.
There are four parts to the assignment. Each part requires an analysis and development of answers to several questions. Answers are presented in narrative form. Use this as a guide when completing the assignment.
Part 1 Introduction – (minimum of 200 words) use this section to introduce the case and the organization.
Name the organization and includeA summary of the organizations business focus and their market niche (what they specialize in)
The number of units (stores) they operate as of January 1, 2020
Total company sales for the previous fiscal year (2019)
Provide a summary of the organizations mission, vision, and values
Part 2 Application of Foodservice Concepts – (minimum of 200 words) use this section to provide an overview and summary of the organization and its place in the foodservice industry.
List the organizations segment competitors. What companies occupy the organizations strategic group? Where does the organization fit within its competitive group?
Part 3 Application of Managerial Skills – (minimum of 400 words) use this section to review the previously completed SWOT analysis provided in the case study materials:
Review each of the items listed in the four SWOT categories: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and complete a written review. Are the findings presented in the organizations SWOT analysis from 2018 still accurate? You will have to review all case study materials and conduct online research including a visit to the organization website and a review of recent news stories about the organization to answer this question.
Produce an updated SWOT table based on your findings.
Part 4 Application of Values – (minimum of 400 words) use this section to assess the organizations performance in alignment with mission and values and your recommendations for improving performance.
Write a narrative that describes whether the organization’s performance aligns with its mission and values. Does the data you gathered about the organization including your review and update of their SWOT analysis suggest the organization is living up to its values?
List one recommendation for improving the performance of the organization based on your analysis and findings.
Please keep in mind that copy and paste is plagiarism. Please make sure to write your answers in your own words. Make sure to include in-text citations if you use information from other sources.
Please keep in mind:
All JWU students have the responsibility to know and observe the University’s Student Code of Conduct. Section 8 of this code details Academic Integrity. Students should be aware that using the ideas, data, or language of another without specific or proper acknowledgment is dishonest. We will not accept work that includes copied and pasted information; all information or ideas included in your assignments must be in your own words. If you use ideas of others, whether they are “experts” writing for websites, friends from class, or other individuals, you must provide proper citations and references in the assignment. All references and citations must follow MLA format.
A Word About Plagiarism
You must document all of your source material. If you take any text from somebody else, you must make it clear the text is being quoted and where the text comes from. You must also cite any sources from which you obtain numbers, ideas, or other material.
please rewrite into your own words
please include in-text citations on throughout your paper
please include works cited page
Please keep in mind
Your paper should be less than 15% similarity
More than 15% but less than 25% = 1 point deduction on each percentage (%) than is more than 15%
25% or more = you will automatically receive a grade of zero (0) and/or failing grade for the course; or withdrawing from the course.

How is the 10-k different from a company’s annual report to shareholders?

SEC Web Site Exploration
Investigage how to locate SEC data and various financial statements for publicly traded copanies.
Select any publicly traded organization (e.g., your employer may be a good choice).
Locate the organization on the SEC’s Web site at
Use the EDGAR database on the SEC Web site to view the organization’s 10-K filing. Also, search for the company’s standard industrial classification (SIC) code. Retrieve the different financial statements in the 10k filing. Check out the footnotes in the financial statements. Discuss any emerging issues that are evident on the SEC Web site.
Let’s do an example in case you have trouble. You will need to write this down or print it out somehow so you can use this example to get to the information.
Click on the SEC Link in the instructions; it will take you to the SEC Home page. You can explore that for a while. But to get to our sample information, look for “Filings” on the menu bar, then click on “Company Filings Search.”
On the next page type “Wal Mart” (without quotes and make sure you put in the space and do not use a “-“; just Wal Mart) in the Company Name box; click “Search.”
Now see “Wal Mart Stores Inc?” Note the SIC Code just below it.
Click then on the 0000104169 (you may have to scroll down a few pages) and take a look at all the information there. Look down the page at all the information filed by Wal Mart with the SEC. Look specifically for a 10K filing. Click on “html” for the 10K; it should eventually display on your screen, though you may need to click through a few links to find it (web sites change from time to time as new information is added).
Explore this; it is quite long and quite detailed. I suspect you will be amazed to see how much information a company must share with the world and how much is available to you if you look carefully. Take a long, detailed look over this document.
Give it a try, and then try another publicly traded company. Try a big one, such as a company you already know or even your employer (if publicly traded).
Write a brief essay (2-3 paragraphs minimum) and upload it by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Sunday. The goal is to help you locate familiar information sources. You should also explore other sources beyond the SEC EDGAR datagase. In your essay, at a minimum include the following details, along with any other noteworthy details you notice:
What is a Form 10-K?
How is the 10-K different from a company’s Annual Report to shareholders?
Why are companies required to file Form 10-K?
Who benefits from the information available within the 10-K?
Include 2 or more APA formatted sources with proper in-text citations.
Case Assignment Grading Criteria:
(60) Thoroughly answered all questions
(20) References to course material
(10) Spelling & grammar at college level
(10) Quality / Content
TOTAL: 100 point