What to submit

Using APA formatting, write a 2- to 3-page paper (the page count does not include the title page or reference list) that includes the following headers and content:
Title page
Introduction (remember that APA does not use “Introduction” as a heading level): this introduces your topic and why it’s important to nursing. It should end with your PICO(T) question.
Use an additional two resources to support your practice problem that are unrelated to the articles you used on your synthesis table. These resources can be internet statistics from reputable websites (e.g., CDC, IOM, and so on) and based on your practice problem or other scholarly resources that you may find. This may include both research or non-research-based evidence.
Search history (includes library and databases searched, key words used, number of articles found, number of articles selected, and the reason articles were excluded or included, as well as the final number retrieved).
In an outline format, lay out how your headings will appear for the remainder of the paper.
The headings are:
Synthesis and Critique of the Evidence
Gaps in Evidence (state here, along with the gaps, whether you feel there is sufficient research to implement this into practice)
Reference list with all works in APA format.
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What to Submit
A 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document.
If you copy and paste references from the course into your assignment, be sure to confirm APA formatting before submitting.
Articles/ info must be within the last 10 years. I have provided the articles that I have used to gather information.
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I have an associate of science degree at skyline college in daly city (2020) and esthetician graduated at san francisco institute of esthetic and cosmetology—paul mitchell (2005).

I need this resume to be diverse so that I can apply to different department at the hospital.
Please use my sample and add in education and current CPR Basic Life support (CPR and AED) certification is from American Heart Associate.
I have an Associate of Science degree at Skyline College in Daly City (2020) and Esthetician graduated at San Francisco Institute of Esthetic and Cosmetology—Paul Mitchell (2005).
I am a new graduated CNA and have completed
-Nurse Assistant/Convalescent Care
-Home Health Aide
-Nurse Asssitant/ Acute Care
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(4) discuss potential barriers and facilitators to applying these concepts broadly.

The abstract is completed but needs to change the topic to a specific patient population or change the way it is administered.
(1) present an introduction to the topic,
(2) present information on innovation
(3) reviews the evidence for the effectiveness and gaps in knowledge,
(4) discuss potential barriers and facilitators to applying these concepts broadly.
The paper should be 1-inch margins, 5-7 pages in length and include at least five (5) reliable references/sources

Research question: how do the us and the uk compare health outcomes among low-income people with chronic illnesses?

Your abstract should have sections summarizing the following:
Your purpose and research question
Your research methods
Your methods for data collection and analysis
Expected findings
Potential usefulness of your study
Research question: How do the US and the UK compare health outcomes among low-income people with chronic illnesses?

State your case as to whether employers should use the most restrictive of the pels, rels, or tlvs, or if you believe the employer should only have to use the legally enforceable pels.

For many chemicals, the ACGIH TLVs and NIOSH RELs are much more restrictive than existing OSHA PELs. The differences are typically based on the use of more recent scientific data. State your case as to whether employers should use the most restrictive of the PELs, RELs, or TLVs, or if you believe the employer should only have to use the legally enforceable PELs. Please connect what you have researched regarding this concept.
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.
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Discipline: Industrial Hygiene


1st page
To engage in thought leadership and advance the profession, nurse executives who conduct research or integrate innovations often share their contributions with the wider nursing community. Methods of dissemination include writing journal articles and presenting at professional conferences such as the American Organization for Nursing Leadership annual conference. Conferences are a stimulating way to try out new ideas on an audience and engage in conversations with equally passionate leaders.
For this Discussion, you will mimic the experience of a conference by sharing your identified innovation with your colleagues and inviting dialogue.
To Prepare:
Reflect on the development of your PowerPoint presentation.
Review the Learning Resources on implementing innovations and consider potential challenges to implementation.
By Day 3 of Week 11
Post your narrated PowerPoint to share with the rest of your class. Then, in your post, include a reflection of insights you have gained by analyzing the innovation and creating the presentation. If you were to implement the innovation in a current or future workplace, what challenges might there be? Explain two challenges you anticipate related to staff, leadership, systems, processes, or technology.
Cianelli, R., Clipper, B., Freeman, R., Goldstein, J., & Wyatt, T. H. (2016). The innovation road map: A guide for nurse leaders [Infographic]. Retrieved from https://www.nursingworld.org/globalassets/ana/innovation-road-map-infographic.pdf
Rangachari, P. (2018). Innovation implementation in the context of hospital QI: Lessons learned and strategies for success. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health, 5, 1–14. doi:10.2147/IEH.S151040. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5849396/
This is just a discussion. No title page required. Just sources cited

How it enters the body

2. In your presentation, you must include:
a. An introduction into the specific outbreak
b. Specific details about the outbreak (what occurred and when)
d. All of the details about the specific organism causing the outbreak
i. If bacteria (Gram Stain and morphology); If a virus (DNA or RNA)
ii. Characteristics of the organism
iii. Source of the organism
iv. Transmission route
v. How it enters the body
Font size on each slide must be large enough for everyone to see
The amount of text on each slide should be appropriate (not too crowded)
The use of color, pictures, etc should enhance the presentation
At least 3 references (in APA format) must be listed at the end of the presentation
Please include a intext over, so I can read to the class. thanks

Which revelations do you think will stay with you and why are they significant?

In which domain(s) did you grow the most?
What action(s) or area(s) of development was most challenging for you and why do you think they were the most challenging? Consider the comfort of privileged status(es), including how your privilege may have impacted the areas you chose to focus on and potential blind spots you had or may still be working to locate (i.e., Johari’s window).
Which revelations do you think will stay with you and why are they significant?
What knowledge or skills might you apply to an individual intervention with a client/student today that you did not have in your toolkit before this course?
Note I am refugee lives in USA from middle east
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Discipline: Mental health counseling

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