Do not complete the final research paper until i have approved the outline.

Please DO NOT start the paper until you have chosen a topic, sent it to me, and I HAVE approved it. Once I approved the topic you may begin the outline. The outline and research paper MUST STRICTLY follow the rubric I have provided and attached. DO NOT complete the final research paper until I HAVE APPROVED the outline. The outline MUST be in the correct format. Pleabcise use ONLY APA style formatting.

Covid-19 implications/concerns/news

NFM 102: Nutrition and Foods
Activity #3: Foodborne Illness Informational Brochure
Due Date: October 21st by 11:59 pm in Blackboard
Worth: 75 points
Directions: Using credible resources, design a brochure on one of the two foodborne illness:
Make sure to include the following information on your brochure:
Proper name of the illness
Cause(s) of the illness
Origination/Food Sources
Treatment Options
# of U.S.A./International Cases
COVID-19 implications/concerns/news
Resources cited in APA format
This brochure should be designed in such a way that it could be distributed to the general public. This brochure should be uploaded in Blackboard.
Due Date: October 21st by 11:59 pm

Write comments about the paper.

From this article answer questions:
Glass, J.H., Scott, A.S. and Price, M.F. (2013) The power of the process: co-
producing a sustainability assessment toolkit for upland estate
management in Scotland. Land Use Policy, 30(1), 254-265,
write comments about the paper. Consider the following questions in your response:
*What do you think about the research methods used in the paper?
*What do you think about the ‘sustainable estate principles’ and suggested sustainability actions?
*Do you think there is scope for the results to help improve sustainable land management in practice and, if so, how?
*Does reading this paper make you think of other research questions that should be addressed to help us better understand what sustainabbcile land use is and how we should assess it?