Assignment: locate 5 to 8 research sources you think you’d like to include in y

Assignment: Locate 5 to 8 research sources you think you’d like to include in your essay. Develop APA-style citations for each source and then offer a 3 to 6 sentence annotation of each source in which you predict how you might use the source in your essay. At least one research source must come from one of our library databases, at least one must come from O*NET or The Bureau of Labor Statistics, and at least one must come from a website.

Submit your final draft to canvas.

After reviewing comments on First Draft—Position Paper, make revisions to Position Paper 1. Submit your Final Draft to Canvas. Essay should be formatted correctly in MLA and include a Works Cited page.

This WILL BE RUN through a plagiarism detection program. You can submit here multiple times to get the report and get your match % down. The last paper submitted by midnight on the due date will be the one graded by your instructor.
This assignment is building on another essay that you wrote for me that was just a first draft, i’ll attach the first draft and attach the instructions for this final position paper.

Include a biography of any co-presenters, if applicable (no more than 200 words for each bio).

Please write a brief biography for the conference website and printed materials. Include a biography of any co-presenters, if applicable (no more than 200 words for each bio).
I will attach my CV and the website to the conference so it is relatable. Please make this bio strong.

Write your annotation (summary and justification).

Now that you’ve selected a topic for your second essay, written and revised a thesis statement, and started outlining your plan, it’s time to start gathering evidence to support your thesis. To do this, you’ll complete an Annotated Bibliography.
For your annotated bibliography, you will:
conduct research and locate the three sources that best support your points
Two of these sources should be from journals in the Galen Library; the third will be an academically reliable website.

Sources should be.png

Once you have located sources that fit these criteria, you are ready to compile your Annotated Bibliography. Here is how:
Save this template with your name in the filename.
APA_Annotated_Bibliography_Template-1.docx Download APA_Annotated_Bibliography_Template-1.docx
For each source, craft a reference list entry in APA 7th-edition format. Use Academic Writer to ensure that your format is correct.
Write your annotation (summary and justification).
An annotation consists of 3-4 sentences that briefly summarize the source and explain its relevance to your thesis statement.
Be specific and explicit!
Then add another 2-3 sentences to justify your use of this source; tell why it is important by including specific examples.
Make sure your annotation is formatted with a hanging indent.
Arrange your sources in alphabetical order.
Use Grammarly and proofread carefully before submitting!
Below is an example of how each source will look.
***This assignment utilizes Turnitin. When you submit this assignment to the assignment dropbox, it will automatically be submitted to Turnitin. You will receive an Originality Score along with an Originality Report that should be carefully reviewed. If revisions need to be made to your assignment, you will be able to submit your assignment up to three (3) times before the due date, and you will quickly receive an updated Originality Report. It is important to plan ahead so that you have enough time to review your Originality Report and make any revisions to your assignment before the final due date. Please see instructions for using Turnitin in the Course Welcome module under Useful Resources.
NOTE: In the event you must submit your assignment AFTER the due date (with approval and consent of your instructor), please note the following:
· Turnitin will only provide ONE attempt for Originality Feedback for late submissions.

This essay is for my english (african american literature) class.

This essay is for my English (African American literature) class. I have attached the following files for Essay Instructions and outline for an original essay with no plagiarism:
1) Essay Instructions – are in the attached file “Reconstruction Synthesis Essay 22_23”;
2) Essay outline – in the attached file “Essay Outline”, I have included a rough thesis statement and the 6 quotes for the 3 body paragraphs. The sources/class assignments for the quotes are also included in blue;
3) Five different class assignments. These are included as five different attachments and were used for the quotes in the outline. You can use these attachments for additional information to write the essay

How do the narrator’s relationships with lettie, ginnie, and

Feminist Theory – Analyze the role that Hempstock women play in the novel. How do the narrator’s relationships with Lettie, Ginnie, and
Old Mrs. Hempstock shape him? Examine his past, present, and future.
Word Count: 800 words (must put the word count at the bottom of the essay)
2. Double space
3. MLA Format is REQUIRED
*Properly cited evidence – Use to help if you need it!
*size 12 Times New Roman
4. Intro paragraph with a strong thesis
5. Body paragraphs that thoroughly explore the required topic
*Must include at least one counterclaim and rebuttal
6. Conclusion paragraph
7. Use of sentence starters for quotes, warrants (Reasoning for evidence), counterclaims, and rebuttals
8. Use of transition words and/or phrases
9. NO USE of 1st or 2nd person pronouns

Includes correct use of “in-text citation” and “parenthetical notes.”

For this essay, you will choose a minimum of 2 works studied up to the current readings
and investigate a particular “Theme” that is present throughout the work(s). You will
illuminate how these works have presented a particular “Theme,” and how these works
share one or more themes. For example, the works you choose may present one or more
of the following themes: naivety, lack of communication between characters, vanity,
control, loss, culture and heritage, the quest for identity, the quest for knowledge,
evil, deception, loneliness, revenge, loyalty, passion etc.
Using specific evidence from the primary texts and scholarly secondary sources, you will
illustrate your chosen theme by use of key quotations, which highlight the particular
theme most effectively. Include strong symbolism and imagery from the texts whenever
possible as this adds a very sophisticated touch to your writing.
Your secondary sources will include scholarly books, journal articles, and professional
websites, which will be used to support your thematic analysis that you conduct on your
1. The paper must be a minimum of 4-5 double-spaced pages.
2. You must use the primary text and a minimum of 3 contrasting secondary
sources, which include scholarly journal articles, books, and professional
websites to support your analysis
3. You must use current MLA documentation throughout the paper. This
includes correct use of “in-text citation” and “parenthetical notes.”
4. You must include a “works cited page” at the end of the paper.
The works you can use are- Egdar Allen Poe’s-A Tale Tell Heart and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s-Young Goodman Brown

What does god’s little bits of wood suggest about this claim?

In a clear, logical essay answer one of the following questions based upon God’s Little Bits of Wood by Sembene Ousmane.
1) Most European imperialists claimed their control of parts of Africa brought civilization and progress to that continent. They likewise claimed the modern technology they developed had improved the lives of African peoples. What does God’s Little Bits of Wood suggest about this claim? 2) Pre-colonial African society was traditionally very patriarchal, and male-dominated. How did the incursion of new technologies and the subsequent railroad strike seem to have effected gender relations? Was the status of women altered in any ways?
The hard-copy of the paper will need to be submitted by 11:59pm on the due date. Otherwise follow the late assignment instructions noted previously.
This is basically a critical reasoning paper. In short, you are being asked to explain what historical “lessons” about European Imperialism in Africa that you can find in the pages of this story. Treat the book as a primary document to be critically examined. As it is the key to the entire project you will be expected to have read the entire book and at some point may be questioned about the plot. Do not write a literary analysis or a narration of the story. Stick to analyzing the book itself and avoid secondary source material. If you feel you must consult another source, be sure to cite it. This essay must be 1000-1250 words in length, preferably in 12pt Times-New Roman font. Again, your paper can be written on a word processing program (ex. Microsoft Word) and then cut and pasted into Blackboard, or written directly in Blackboard. Please avoid PDFs, however. These are very difficult to grade electronically.
Reference citations should be used in whatever reference style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) that you are familiar with. Again, be familiar with the statement on academic dishonesty/plagiarism in your Student Handbook. If there is evidence of any academic dishonesty in this paper you will receive 0 points regardless of any extenuating circumstances. Furthermore your actions will be reported to the University Administration and may result in additional penalties.
Be sure to read the “Tips for Writing History” in the back of the syllabus. In particular, pay attention to the following rules.
-Avoid excessively long paragraphs.
-Avoid personal pronouns.
-Use quotations.
-Use the Past Tense.
-Use the passesive ‘S’ properly.
-Avoid contractions.
-Avoid absolute statements like “never,’ or “everybody.”
-Use ‘who’ and ‘that’ properly.
-Italicize the title of the book.