So it’s photogrammetry.. assignment. Take pictures all around of anything basic like an apple, plant etc… then put it into cinema 4D and model it.
Please do something basic like a fruit and take many pictures of it. Then put it into cinema 4D and model it.
I have attached examples
i will need an OBJ file and a couple of pictures too

Do this by reducing the ppi for the image.

Instructions: You will create an advertisement for a favorite product you have. It can be food, drink, household item or even for a favorite place you like to visit such as a vacation resort or even just the local park. In this advertisement, you will apply your skills covered. You only need to apply one technique, layer, tool option, etc.; however, you may apply more if you feel you need to in order to create the advertisement to your liking.
Once this is completed, you will complete a two-page paper (minimum of 500-750 words, not including Title Page or Reference Page): 12 font Times New Roman, double spaced paper in APA Style format, using at least two references (all formatting aspects to be in APA including references) to describe the following:
1. Purpose of the advertisement. You must identify a valid purpose as if this advertisement is will be posted for the public.
2. Describe how you organized or customized workspace used and any challenges or purpose identified.
3. Describe the design principles, elements and graphics applied and why it was selected.
4. Describe the tools and/or layer applied and why it was selected.
5. Describe the repairing or retouching applied from and why it was selected.
6. Describe any image adjustment you applied to the image from and why it was selected.
7. Save your file as two different formats and describe how the two images differ.
Submission Instructions: Submit your advertisement and write up (Word Document) in this assignment area. You may need to reduce the file size of the advertisement if the file is over 25 MB. Do this by reducing the PPI for the image. Submit your paper in Word format only. You must also submit your advertisement as a .PSD file unless otherwise directed.

Research reports will include: (see templates on canvas)

Students will produce a PDF (with attention to layout, aesthetics and design).
Research reports will include: (see templates on canvas)
A cover page with students names
A well-sourced bibliography
A clear definition of the design problem (the ‘what’).
A Methodology (‘the how’) -which will include Primary research, Secondary research, Observational research, Culture audit, interviews, probes and so on.
Analysis: an explanation of the research findings.
At least 2 qualitative and/or quantitative research methods. Clearly stated why they were used.
Quotes from user groups/survey participants.
Illustrations/infographics that convey the meaning of the data/research.
Quotes from user groups/survey participants.
Synthesis: the response to the design problem and a proposal.
Future research potential or actionable paths forward based upon the findings.
A summary of the response to the design problem.
Future research potential or actionable paths forward based upon the findings.
So Im attaching a few documents that can help you. So this project is pretty much how our group feels that the U.S currency are not designed for individuals who are blind/ visually impaired and while other countries had adapted ways to help people with those special needs.
Our professor would like for us to include a story into the report from an interview. So I interviewed Michelle from Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Miami Branch and she pretty much told me that as we speak they are rumbling around that our currency will be getting a revamped to accommodate those who are blind/visually impaired. So at least it will back up the research.

Please see attached

Please see Evaluation of Discussion Posts for instructions and expectations.
Language usage and writing for accessibility can be an afterthought when there are so many other things to consider about accessible design. Search for your favourite movie or TV show on IMDb and read the written summary. Using the techniques discussed in the RGD’s AccessAbility 2 (on pages 13 and 14), rewrite the complex summary into plain language in as few words as possible, preserving the original intention of the summary. (Please provide a link to the IMDb page in your post.)
What were the key takeaways in the podcast episode about accessible and inclusive graphic design with Josh Skinner? What stuck with you and/or what tips and tricks will you take with you as you move through this course and beyond?
Accessible typography is incredibly important, as text and letterforms are often the ways we consume, understand and interpret the world around us. Find 5 examples ‘in the wild’ (taking pictures of type in your neighbourhood) of type that is either incredibly accessible or incredibly inaccessible and discuss each one. Please connect theory described in the Access Ability 2 reading to your real-life examples of accessible and/or inaccessible type.
It’s been said that “accessible design is good design”. Do you agree or disagree? Please expand on your thoughts providing relevant examples to support your position.