However, my undergraduate majors were: bachelor of science: food science & bachelor of science: nutritional science, which means i change my major target from food science to bioinformatics.

I’d like to apply for the Master’s program in Bioinformatics.
However, my undergraduate majors were: Bachelor of Science: Food Science & Bachelor of Science: Nutritional Science, which means I change my major target from food science to Bioinformatics. I need a 500-word brainstrom to find the reason why I change my future study and career plan to bioinformatics.
Please read my “resume” and “personal background”carefully and also review the university websites. Focus on my previous experience and reflections. And focus on the following aspect:
1. My own thought on Bioinformatics (please also related to the program’s vision)
Describe how my ability and background can contribute to the success
in this Master’s Program (based on my personal background document)
3. Why I change my targets from food/nutritional science to Bioinformatic? Why I’m suitable for this program?
4. Please describe how the Bioinformatics would further my future career goals