Critiques must be a minimum of 3 pages, not including the title page or reference page.

You will complete a Journal Critiques assignment that are to coincide with the topics Effective Leadership in Higher Education . Articles from different professional journals must be used for the development of your critiques:
For the critique, follow these guidelines:
Articles are not to be more than 5 years old.
Current APA format must be used, including:A title page, with headings, paragraphs should be indented
A reference page, and
Writing in third Plagiarism
Critiques must be a minimum of 3 pages, not including the title page or reference page.
Include the following content:
Summary of author’s position (1–2 paragraphs);
Analysis of author’s premise and the extent to which it is backed up ( –2 paragraphs); and
Response that specifically addresses your agreement/disagreement with author, and why (1–2 paragraphs).

The propaganda movement was a set of communication actions through books, leaflets and newspaper articles by a group of filipinos who called for political reforms.

The Propaganda Movement was a set of communication actions through books, leaflets and newspaper articles by a group of Filipinos who called for political reforms. For instance, the Propaganda Movement is still happening today and you are asked to write the editorial page of La Solidaridad, what are the things you want to campaign for reforms? Cite the social problem and your proposed suggestion to at least ease or solve the problem. Make it at least 300-400 words (as long as you can explain everything) with APA references

Must write essay introductionjust subject education during the corona pandemic in saudi arabia

It is important that there is no similarity in it
Please write the introductory paragraph for your research project (the one for which you submitted a proposal in October and will submit a final paper in December).
Your paragraph should be 5 to 8 sentences long (150 words). Please prioritize creating a quality piece of writing which fulfils the requirement stated in the instructions. Your writing does not need to be fancy or complicated. Clear and correct English will suffice.
Your paragraph must include the following elements:
context / topic
purpose and main question
thesis (main argument or main message)
overview of evidence and supporting arguments
quick mention of method

How religious tolerance can emerge among religious people: an investigation on the roles of intellectual humility, cognitive flexibility, and trait aggressiveness.

Please respond to Lydia with 290 words in Apa style citations and reference
By and large, students feel ostracized on college campuses for their religious beliefs. In a conversation with one of my advisees, this student reported that the reaction received by classmates when sharing their religious beliefs was ‘eww.’ Students want to have a sense of belonging, but wearing items that clearly show their religious beliefs tend to make them stand out and struggle to fit in. Lubis and Sianipar (2022) report that religious intolerance, especially amongst different religious groups, is a continued concern to this day. Many students have disclosed to me that they have been mocked by their college professors for their religious beliefs, but they feel they are expected to be tolerant of the beliefs of their professors. Farooq and Sohail (2019) speak to this by explaining that students on some campuses did not experience discrimination from peers or faculty until they disclosed their personal religious beliefs. I have heard other students report that their peers have made false assumptions about them based on biases against their religious beliefs. I believe, however, that many academic institutions are making great strides toward religious tolerance. Even still, students have expressed to me that their university’s efforts to accept their religious beliefs are not effective if there not is tolerance from their instructors and peers. The religious groups who seem to be the least tolerated are Jews and Christians. I believe this is because Satan has declared war against God’s children and “on those who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus” (English Standard Version, 2001, Revelation 12:17).
McCaffery (2018) says “Higher Education is also a growth industry” (p. 1). As institutions of growth, colleges should take positions on creating environments of religious tolerance. Research shows that the presence of spirituality on college campuses decreases violence and improves students’ mental health and academic performance (Nielsen & Small, 2019). College students themselves agree that spirituality and religious practice are important factors for academic success. College is a time to stretch one’s mental capacity and learn to live in and appreciate a world that is different from one’s own viewpoint. Students cannot learn to love and appreciate differences if institutions are not teaching tolerance of something that is the foundation of many students’ identities, their religious beliefs. I say this even as someone of strong faith in my own biblical beliefs. Souls are won for Christ through displaying His infinite love for all of humanity despite any and all differences. Matthew 11:19 says that Jesus was “a friend of tax collectors and sinners” (English Standard Version, 2001). Students of all religious beliefs matter to God because people matter to God.
English Standard Version. (2001). Crossway Bibles.
Farooq, A., & Sohail, Tayyaba. (2019). Conceptualization of religious belonging of Christian youth in higher education. Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization, 9(2), 253-271. to an external site.
Lubis, S. I., & Sianipar, A. (2022). How religious tolerance can emerge among religious people: An investigation on the roles of intellectual humility, cognitive flexibility, and trait aggressiveness. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 25, 276-287. to an external site.
McCaffery, P. (2018). The higher education manager’s handbook. Routledge.
Nielsen, J. C., Small, J. L. (2019). Four pillars for supporting religious, secular, and spiritual student identities. Journal of College and Character, 20(2). 180-186.

Identify the major project classification categories for davis industries and why they are used.2.

Davis Industries is a discount retailer of shoes, operating a chain of approximately 192 stores in the United States. The chain’s stores feature self-service fixtures displaying more than 50,000 pairs of shoes at its retail stores. The company is choosing between a gas-powered and an electric-powered forklift truck for moving materials in its factory to replace its obsolete equipment. Because both forklifts perform the same function, the firm will choose only one i.e., they are mutually exclusive investments. The company categorizes its projects and analyzes capital budgeting projects under asset replacement to reduce costs, expansion into new markets to increase market share, safety & environmental projects to comply with regulations. Last year, management of Davis Industries placed a constraint on the size of the firm’s capital budget for lack of money and inadequate personnel. The cost of capital is 10%. The director of capital budgeting has provided the expected cash flows of the machines as follows: Expected Net Cash Flows
YearProject AProject B
1. Identify the major project classification categories for Davis Industries and why they are used.2. Which project classification require the least detailed and the most detailed analyses in the capital budgeting process?3. Distinguish between independent and mutually exclusive projects for Davis Industries.4. Calculate the payback period and profitability index for each machine.5. Calculate net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) for each machine.6. Using the NPV technique, which machine should be recommended?7. If the purchase of the machine A and machine B are independent projects, which project should be accepted?8. Explain capital rationing.9. Identify three explanations for capital rationing.10. How can Davis Industries handle its capital rationing situations?Submit your answers in a Word document.

Example topics for this assignment include diversity in higher education administration, social

You will compare coverage of your selected college administration topic in 3–4 different types
of sources (newspapers, magazines, academic journals, books, professional association website).
You must determine what perspectives are present or absent and assess sources for bias.
Example topics for this assignment include diversity in higher education administration, social
media in higher education, admission standards in higher education, the impact of student debt in
higher education, bias in the media and its impact on higher education, political changes in
higher education, and innovation and technology in higher education.
This assignment must be 1,000 words and requires citations from 3–4 sources in current
APA formatting. This media analysis will include a title page, abstract page, and a reference
page. Your analysis must thoroughly interpret and examine the articles for perspective, validity,
and significance of the findings. You should support your analysis with relevant facts,
arguments, examples, and details from your review of the articles; your analysis should be well-
reasoned, indicating substantial breadth and depth of thinking. There must be a clearly identified
description of the practical application to the broader industry of college administration at large.
You must identify relevant scriptural principles and perspectives from a biblical worldview,
including at least 1 relevant Bible verse.