book reference
SBN: 9781943153909
Authors: Jakob Iversen and Michael Eierman
Publisher: New Riders PTG
Publication Date: 2021
Edition: 3 ED.
disucssion question
Think about the last time you utilized a mobile application or attempted to build your own mobile website. What planning process did you go through before you began your project? You may have considered the steps or tasks you needed to perform. You may also have considered the resources and platforms needed for your outcome. For example, which model fits your business domain needs? Do you have time constraints that will make completing the web application/site difficult within a reasonable period of time? You may also have considered the myths that surround developing mobile apps and the difficulties generally associated with mobile app development.
What part (activities) of the application development lifecycle (ADLC) should be well done BEFORE beginning Design? Explain
Where does the activities we do in Android Studio fit in the ADLC? Explain.
What are four major sections of the Android Studio interface? Explain the purpose/utility of each.
Why is Android Studio IDE a good (and preferred) method for developing mobile apps for an enterprise?
What areas of the application development lifecycle (ADLC) are possible when using the Android Studio IDE?
at least two citations (APA style) and APA reference is required
project question
Create a Project called TipCalculator. Refer to instructions in the textbook.
Project 2 (Chapter 3, pg. 39, Exercise #4) _ build a “Tip Calculator”
Deliverables for this Project:
Copy of your code for your final/completed project
One screenshot that shows your initial design; your main screen – should look like the original screenshot model in our textbook – Figure 3.10
At least one additional (different) screenshot that shows a transaction view; that is, an amount enter and results after tip is applied –
Comment(s) stating what I should be aware of when evaluating your deliverables