Write a research paper about community practice and their genres

Write a research paper about community practice and their genres
The commnunity of practice that I want you to write about is a local financial company in Texas (or somewhere else, doesn’t matter).
The genres are memos, business letter, social media…

Describe an experience you had where one of these biases came into play.

At least a few of the biases discussed today have impacted each of us at some
point(s) in our lives.
Describe an experience you had where one of these biases came into play. Now
that you are aware of the bias do you think you could prevent it from occurring
again? Why or why not?

Students will post these papers into this online discussion forum.

Overview: Students will be expected to identify advertising campaigns occurring in the “real world.” These can be local organizations and businesses attempting to promote their brand, product, or service to the community or large scale promotional campaigns for national/international audiences. These short papers (2-3 pages, double-spaced, normal font, 750-800 words) will include a brief summary of the campaign, links to concepts discussed in the class, and an informed evaluation of the campaign’s quality. STUDENTS WILL POST THESE PAPERS INTO THIS ONLINE DISCUSSION FORUM. STUDENTS MUST ALSO RESPOND TO AT LEAST FOUR OTHER STUDENT’S PAPERS (offering meaningful insight, not just “thatz kewl!”).
Structure: Try to select a something that a company or organization is doing for ADVERTISING (i.e. communication to promote a product or service; it should be their messaging to make people like or care about the product/service; NOT a “we’re having a 50% off sale” type messaging). After figuring out what company’s promotional messaging you want to write about, you will probably want to research it a little (by looking at the organization’s website, etc.). You should summarize this information and explain the advertising campaign in about one page (double spaced, normal font). Next, try to link it with some concepts we have looked at in class. You should explain and underline the specific course concepts you see in the campaign/project/event. For example, if you looked at an advertising campaign that regularly showed cool, young people driving a certain car brand, you could note advertising persuades as this is a clear attempt to persuade audiences that interesting, youthful people prefer this brand (note how this was underlined). Again, this will probably take about a page and should include a variety of course concepts we’ve explored. YOU MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST FIVE COURSE CONCEPTS AND THEY MUST BE UNDERLINED. Finally, you should complete the paper by evaluating the advertising campaign you’re looking at. This should be opinion based, but it should also indicate that you have been reflecting on course concepts (i.e. more than “this suck b/c it’s ugly” or “this rulz bc it has hot ppl n it”). 2-3 pages total. Be prepared to discuss them in class.
After finishing the paper and saving it, you will then need to CUT and PASTE the full paper as a response in the discussion forum below. After posting your paper, you must also respond to FOUR other posted papers, offering your own insights and informed opinion (perhaps integrating course material). FIVE total posts (the initial posting of your paper AND four responses to someone other papers) are expected.
Sample Outline: This is a sample outline for what your paper might look like. PLEASE USE THE HEADINGS BELOW TO KEEP YOUR PAPER CLEAR AND ORGANIZED.
1. Advertising Campaign Description (this will be about one page)
Sample Text: “The company’s advertisements for cars uniquely focused on young people having fun with the car’s features…”
2. Links to Course Content (this will be about one page)
Sample Text: “Advertising serves a persuasive function which means that such messages try to change the attitudes of potential customers and affect their purchase decisions. This campaign showed a diverse group of trendy twenty-somethings having exciting experiences with the car in attempt to make the car seem more attractive to youthful audiences…” (note how the term from the course was put in bold, defined clearly, and linked to the campaign; you will do this for five different items discussed in the course)
3. Evaluation (this will be about half a page to a page)
Sample Text: “This campaign was ineffective because the brand remains somewhat stale and the images shown are not likely to persuade new audiences to like the car…” (you could also argue it was effective; this is opinion based; it just needs to be thoughtful and informed)

Why or why not?

As the media landscape continues to change, discuss some of the reasons that advertisers are shifting advertising dollars to new/nontraditional media. Does this mean that traditional media advertising such as TV and magazines may no longer exist in the future? Why or why not? Your post should make references to module discussions about how characteristics of the target audience, product and the advantages or disadvantages of the medium influence media selection for advertising.

As all these things sound very appealing, many of these products are promoted through deceptive advertising and are not always what they seem.

For my topic, I want to focus on false advertising in the health and fitness world. The Federal Trade Commission is primarily in charge of advertising for health food products and the supplement industry. These products generally claim to improve the well-being and fitness abilities of some individuals. Some even say they can reduce the risks of illness and disease in the long run. As all these things sound very appealing, many of these products are promoted through deceptive advertising and are not always what they seem. I want to broaden more on this issue and discuss some of the recent cases of the matter, with connections to the laws and regulations.
Other Needs:
Somewhat open-ended research paper where I want to apply communication law to advertising. This should be a 4-5 page research paper citing sources and specific laws/cases. Use APA format. Grammar counts!

Select one of the tv commercials below (available from ispot.tv [www.ispot.tv]) for your tv commercial critique:

See attached document for TV Commercial Critique assignment guidelines and response sheet.
Select one of the TV commercials below (available from iSpot.tv [www.ispot.tv]) for your TV commercial critique:
Verizon 5G TV Commercial, ‘Free 5G Phone’
Available at https://www.ispot.tv/ad/21k2/verizon-5g-free-5g-phone-featuring-julian-edelman-cecily-strong
Amazon TV Commercial, ‘Legendary Deals: Red’
Available at https://www.ispot.tv/ad/21Vh/amazon-legendary-deals-red
Liberty Mutual TV Spot, ‘Remember Ads: Pool Party’
Available at https://www.ispot.tv/ad/baDY/liberty-mutual-remember-ads-pool-party
Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro TV Spot, ‘Things Other Phones Can’t Do: Pixel 7 on Us’
Available at https://www.ispot.tv/ad/21Gn/google-pixel-7-and-7-pro-things-other-phones-cant-do-pixel-7-on-us
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 TV Spot, ‘Join the Flip Side’
Available at https://www.ispot.tv/ad/2kxW/samsung-galaxy-z-flip4-join-the-flip-side
Critique the copy and creative output of the selected TV commercial by answering the TV Commercials Critique Questions (pages 2-3 of the attached document).
Use the TV Commercials Critique Response Sheet (page 4 of the attached document) to type your answers for the critique. Answer all questions (Save the document as MCOM 2327 TV Commercials Critique [and your last name]). You may research the selected commercial and include information from other sources in your critique. Still, you must include a bibliography of Works cited/References at the end of your paper.

My essay is about what is the overall theme of the book( illustrated man by ray bradbury) , or one theme you consider very important?

My essay is about What is the overall theme of the book( Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury) , or one theme you consider very important? Support your position by using more than one story. (For example: “technology,” “faith,” “objectivity/subjectivity,” etc.)

Discusses a social or cultural trend that will impact some aspect of how a company markets

For this assignment, you must search print or online media/news publications. i.e., magazines, newspapers, periodicals or journals and find a current article related to marketing, a business or concept learned, discussed in the course complete a write-up of the article. Marketing and business trends frequently change, so the article cannot be over 3 months old.
All written summaries must be typed in a Microsoft Word document and include the following information.
Date of Article
Publication/Source of Article
Summary of the article in your words
Your opinion of the article
Guidelines for Selecting Articles:
An article from a reputable news source from the past few months. If the article is not dated, move on! If it is too old, move on!
Article topic:
Discusses the marketing-related actions of a specific company
Discusses a new technology relevant to some aspect of marketing
Discusses a consumer trend that marketers can use
Discusses a legal action that will impact how companies market
Discusses an economic trend that will impact consumer and/or organizations in terms of marketing
Discusses a social or cultural trend that will impact some aspect of how a company markets
Focuses on a specific area of marketing, such as new product, branding, pricing, channels of distribution (methods of delivery, retailing, etc.), or promotion
Please also refer to the references attached from the screenshots that were provided from the e-text.